Thoth vs. Alberich duel = the phone thrower

I’ve just had a disheartening raid. Just want to share it.

Anyway, eight heroes died, 2 remain. Enemy Alberich and my Thoth at near full HP.

I has 3 minions up almost all the time.
Only hit Alberich with my strong tile colors.
Stacked Thoth’s special as much as I could on the empty side of the board and kept firing it all the time.
Survived 3 Alberich casts by using the special ASAP on the resurrected Elena (she came back three times, but didn’t stand close to Alberich).
Alberich, again Elena, and now Richard were at full HP at that point.

It was really disheartening and honestly kind of made me regret ascending Thoth. If he cannot outdamage one healer who does not restore a lot of HP by design (and that’s with 3 minions up, free double-special stacking on empty side of the board, AND my hitting the healer with double-powered yellow and single-powered purple tiles) what’s the point.

He didn’t even 1 shot the freshly-resurrected Elena.

Are all 3-target heroes this helpless when facing a single target?



Oh you missed the memo.
Alberich is now completely useless and unusable, so this didn’t actually happen. Please delete the thread.

Seriously though, Thoth is alright on raid defence, when guarded behind someone and peeking round to attack, he can do damage if you’re not paying attention to him. Haven’t used him myself in a raid attack team, but it’s been said from the start that he’s not reliable there. As for all 3x hitters in attack teams, there are good (Grimm, Tiburtus, Scarlett can punish one person. Kestrel and Richard are debatable?) and bad - Thorne and Elkanen are debatable, Thoth, probably more.


Why you left Alberich as the last standing? Just why??
You are into S&M?

You deserve your Thoth pain :japanese_ogre:


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Most 3-hits are splash damage ( highest damage target, roughly 50% damage nearby ).

Example Grimm does 500 to target, then roughly 250 to nearby ( many assumptions here )

Thoth-Amon is a Damage all nearby like Kasshrek’s healing all nearby ( thanks wife Gryphonkit ).

Example Thoth-Amon does 400 to target, then roughly 400 to nearby.

So Thoth-Amon’s Damage all nearby is about 5% higher than damage all like Emerald Flash HotM. Where Grimm’s splash damage is about half way between Emerald Flash HotM & the green version of Sonya. Devs seem to try and make all special skills do the same total damage versus a 5 hero defense team.

Green version of Sonya does 600 to target
Grimm does 500 to target
Thoth-Amon does 400 to target
Emerald Flash HotM does 390 to target

This makes Thoth-Amon excellent at taking out waves of 3 mobs, 3 Bosses, or the 3 remaining heroes, but poor for single boss & Titans.

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Yeah, that.

As a side note for those who may not have noticed; in late stages (22-6 is a good example) there are enemies in waves of 5, in a M shaped formation. This is something that was noted in the giant thread of ideas under consideration as being a future possibility for raid teams. When hitting the central enemy in the formation with ramming pulverizer, all 5 enemies will take damage and -34% def, so I would imagine Thoth would probably do considerable damage to all 5 opponents too.

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Because when he stands in the back it’s not always possible to kill him before other heroes die. RNG is a big factor in this game.

I have finished map long time ago with 4* team and no problems, so I couldn’t care less about any heroes map viability. That’s early game problems :stuck_out_tongue:

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Why don’t you use all your specials to take out alberich ?

In that case you have wasted items on your boy Thoth

Ellilea did a noob move and not take out Alberich first. same goes for any top rank hero. albi ares hel or athena ect…

toth is a more a tank than a big hitter, and yes, keep albe alive was your biggest mistake, not the asension (only hel/sartana are better dark)

Er, well they had Ares in the front. Good luck taking out Alberich that stands in the corner first lol.

I did use my special on him. Thoth didn’t do ■■■■, Sonya is basically a debuffer, her damage is underwhelming, and Li Xiu won’t kill him either. Or she just missed with Wukong buff.

The enemy team killed many of them before they could use their specials again, it’s not like I was firing specials left and right the entire fight and just not targetting Alberich :stuck_out_tongue:

He’s not that squishy and I’d need plenty of tiles to get him down. Usually I kill him with Wukong-powered something, but it’s not always an option. Monkey is squish. Elena, Richard were buffed by Ares before Sonya got stacked and when Musashi went after I lost most of my team.

In the end there was Thoth and Alberich. But the rest of the fight went pretty ■■■■ decently I’d say.

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Lol the game just wanted to give me a team to make fun of you.

Albi - Ares - Hel - Athena - Musashi

4/4 of your “priority” champions on board :ok_hand: :rofl:

(“Tide keeps rolling” from “Maverick0215” ally in case you thought I was out to troll you! :stuck_out_tongue: )

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I have Alberich but on a raid today on Guin, Alb, Hel and some strong hitters I made a note to myself no to go in on that defense again :joy:
At least until next time…
All heroes was revived twice, I wish I had the the same luck when raiding with Alberich on offense :blush:

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Alberich is excellent on defense because defense teams get a trickle of mana ( Note 1 ).

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Thoth-Amon’s damage all nearby special skill is also very useful for clearing out 9 minions.

Yeah, only there are no places with 9 minions (or even 5 minions) where he might be needed :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe one day.

There is a place now, with the new HOTM Delilah. She gives minions to EVERY hero.

Her minions work as shields (that deal a bit of damage each turn, exactly the same as Thoth’s), so Thoth would hit 3 heroes max during a raid, as usual, only his damage would be first soaked by the minions.