Thoth or kunchen?

Triple cleanse could seems overkill but this would be your best setup IMHO.

This is exactly my point. survivability of toth at the endgame. with Ariel as a superb healer and two snipers thoth may very well replace evelyn (same lame damage) and setup could be
Sartana- Aeigir -Thoth - Ariel -Joon

For attack I usually stack toth with proteus and tiburtus.

And this is the second alternative in my mind. But my beloved Aegir is out.
I have attachment issues with him. :))
he is my first full 5*

Ariel should not at wings , her best position is Flank , swap with Zimkhita

I’m debating between the two myself … with a bit of Sartana thrown in, problem is, I have Aeron and Kage maxed, so it feels like I should go with thoth, I like him more then most, good class, pairs well with panther and like has been mentioned, a decent defender actually, with his ability to survive… I might just hold off for July HOTM for a Sart+Thoth type hero… but, who knows if I’ll get her. Good luck with your choice.

Since I prefer attacking with my rainbow team (Proteus, Vivica, Zim, Evelyn, Athena), I personally enjoy diamonds of any color, and when I have cascades it fills me with joy. Raiding in 3900-4200 TP range.

But of course with mono teams, it’s hit or miss, you just rely on the board. What do we say to the God of the Good Boards? Not today!

thanks for this thread! I was lucky enough to get Kunchen from an Epic Hero Token, but wasn’t sure if I should level him all the way (not that I have any other purple five stars :rofl:) Will take the advice into account.


Every Evelyn’s team would just prey upon said formation.

well dont mean to be rude , but your formation is suck and easy to beat , Healer should not in Wings except Alby/MN which has Ressurect

Well you shouldn’t put average or slow characters on the outside just because of color considerations. The mana considerations trump the color considerations in my opinion. You need fast or very fast on the outsides.

Ariel’s best position by far is flank. You don’t ever move her from there. If the two blue flanks is a problem then you drop one of them for a different color.

Ariel on the wing would be the biggest waste IMO.

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You were not rude as I weren’t but: putting two healers back to back is easily one of the worst formation as it would serve a safe place where to drop tiles and change attacking heroes.

Without a fast AoE attacker next to him, Kunchen’s -DEF status aliment would be likely to be dispelled before taking any damaging special and by putting two heroes of the same element near the tank (if it isn’t a holy/dark flank/tank) would make any defense an easy target.

@DaveSonnenberg see above.

Even if Ariel’s best position would ideally be “flank” this wouldn’t be true for said defense.

Disagree. Charging up Ariel is not a safe move at all for the opponent, nor is charging up Kunchen. If the opponent lets both of their specials go off they are in big trouble most likely.

Yes Ariel’s best position is Flank. Full stop. Period.

You NEVER put her on the wing. Massive waste.

Sorry but I respectfully disagree with your reasoning. Ariel flank and Kunchen tank works just fine IMO.

Well, simply put by fielding an Ariel-Kunchen-Frida central core I’m pretty positive that anyone with these heroes could wreak havok on said defense. This wouldn’t happen in my formation:

green heroes have the best/most dispellers
yellow heroes have the most common mana destroyers

both of them shares special’s nullifiers: Hansel & Gretel

Ariel should casts special as soon as possible to give mana regen to others , best practice are Flank or Tank , if you put in Wings it would be totally waste , i wonder if you really have Ariel. i had her and use it all the time in Flank and it works fine

Did something changed recently or dead heroes could now gain mana?

You do realize if Frida goes off the both Frida and Ariel will have an undispellable resist to green right? So it’s not actually that easy to kill them with Melendor/Caedmon. Also your team listed there may have a tough time killing Kunchen before his special goes off.

I think the defense trumps the attacking team you’ve listed most of the time.

Seems like you underestimate Kunchen tanks perhaps? You faced many with emblems?

Yes, that is if she goes off. Melendor and Caedmon would provide dispels against Ariel’s mana generation.

With an increment of her defense the appropriate way to deal with her would be to increase green’s attack (Kiril & Wu Kong).

Everyday and up to +4 emblems, while climbing from 2600 for my daily chest’s fill.
But usually I fight heavy blue teams with my greens.

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