Thoth - much better on titans than thought


Somewhere along the lines they vastly improved his animation speed.

Tried him for giggles on the alt (since it had been “lucky” once again that month with an easy HOTM pull, stupid damned lucky alt) and actually the animation basically took meaningless time to process for the minion strike.

There really wasn’t much penalty as I was still looking looking for move and it is pretty rare to get more than one minion up against a 10* emp anyway.

If you have him leveled go ahead and try him, not nearly as bad as I and others have made him out to be.


Nice info! That makes me want to complain about Natalya’s. It takes a long time really, and su**s at titans… too bad I only have Gormek besides her, and need them both against green titans.


Then give me your Panther, you don’t need her anymore :face_with_monocle:


I have him at 2/60, Domitia at 3/70, with 5 tabards and 12 trap tools.
At the minute Dom is my 3rd dark for holy titans, nestled between Tiburtus and Sabina, but she’s only in there for the defence buff and to make up the numbers. Would I be better off bailing on her and switching to Thoth now?

I wasn’t planning on using her for anything other than holy titans as she’s just so underwhelming, but I doubt I would use Thoth for anything else either, maybe raid defence but is he better than Li Xiu there? I know she’s nothing special but I love how much she aggravates people.


Dom is actually really pretty respectable, and better than Thoth. Has a place on a raid attack team whereas Thoth really only does if you don’t have anything better out of all 5 colors.

Dom is good on holy titans with that def to Holy buff in addition to everything else, the dispel makes her clutch on raid attack; Thoth is mostly defense but if you’re short on hero options, he’s functional… posted this because in actual implementation he sucked less than I and many others pontificated for Titans from the beta.


Nice, I’ll stick with her then. I know at lv 70 she’s far from polished, but I just hadn’t found a real purpose for her yet so she’d mainly been shelved for 4*s instead, then this thread got me thinking that he may be more useful than originally thought. Ah well. Thanks for the advice.


I have a fully ascended Thoth. I like him on raids…much tankier than many, especially when you consider the extra, regenerating HPs from his minions. Those minions actually deal decent damage at full ascension, and without powering up the foe’s mana. The AI controlling the minions’ aim is really good, and the last update mostly solved his lag issues. For those raids that come down to two-on-two, he is very strong.

Definitely NOT a Titan choice, and clearly lags behind both Sartana and Panther. I think he’s about a peer of Obakan, though with different roles.


Nat sucks at titans? You playing the same game as me? Feed her a mana pot at the start of a fight and she will keep the titans special from firing off for quite some time, maybe twice a battle. Pair her with Scarlett and you have a tile damage wrecking crew without buffs.


Think he was referring to the animation, which I don’t find that bad since I’m pretty sure Nat’s animation doesn’t freeze the board.


Rev, this topic would have been 100 times better if you called it:

Thoth - much better on titans then I THOTH!!


Yes, I was talking about freezing… it really happens… you lose more than 1 sec to be able to drag tiles again


I don’t have her but if she delays just one special from the titan you save 4-5 sec there instead.