Hello thoth-amun is a great character but when you use his special in a Titan battle it takes time up to do anything else yes I know it’s only a few seconds but they are critical. But when you use his special while on the the world map it doesn’t. Or in a raid. And also I was hoping to get a little more attack from him. He is on the low end for a 5* and as you lvl him up his minions don’t go up just his attack? I fig his minions would at least reach 50 percent of attack and health of the caster.


I like short special animations too. :wink:

This is Thoth’s card, fully leveled:


What’s great though is as his no levels the minion level in scale with the 20% so maxed out you still have an extra 60% health shield with all 3 minions out before receiving any damage he is basically a multi shot medium damaging tank…


Thoth just isn’t worthwhile on titans; minion attack animation takes time too, every single turn.

Interesting raid attack, good raid defense, fine on map (unless worried about speed), skip using on titans.

Will be a while before I level him TBH.


Minion attack animations could be sped up like raid attack animations were for enemies (or let them all attack at the same time, like a multi-shot kind of thing). That would help Thoth quite a bit I think?

Also perhaps allow the minion to launch the attack while the animation of its spawning is going on. That way the pretty animations get to play, but the gameplay is not interrupted and fight goes on.

With those small quality-of-life changes I think he’d be also nice for the Events. For titans, well, no multi-hit hero aside of defense-reducing heroes will ever be good there, will they? Unless a new titan is introduced that has its offspring on the sides :rofl:

I wouldn’t hate this idea, actually. It could make single-target fast strong hitters a little less dominant!

Release notes 1.9 questions + clarity request

I’m against “minions all at once”, but definitely for anything that speeds up gameplay.

I like your “attack during animation” idea; have cake and eat it too! :grin: