Thoth-Amun & Wu Kong

Hi, there. I’ve got some problems with teamwork of Wu Kong and Thoth-Amun. When I use the gambler’s stance and then the skeletal summon, all the undead minions of Thoth-Amun don’t get +185% attack, but get -35% accuracy. My greatest asking to redo the procedure of getting +185% attack or not getting -35% accuracy into the undead minions.
In my opinion it works only in a half. Please either add attack bonuses or take away -35% accuracy not to spoil game process.
My best regards.


I agree I was wondering the same thing about this hero combo. It’s nice to know it’s only the ducky part. They should raise the attacks of the minons. That would help out great with thim.


This topic needs to be addressed.

Why does Wu Kong’s Gambling Stance not work on Thoth’s Special Attack? The description for Wu’s ability includes a +185% attack, -32% accuracy for all allies “including their special attacks”.
This means that Thoth’s special attack minions should receive this ability. If it doesn’t apply to Thoth, then the reasoning needs to be explained here. Otherwise, I will assume it is a bug


I clearly want this to be fixed.

AND ALSO THIS DUCKING FREEZE when Thoth uses his special. When against a titan it is 2 secondes wasted every time we use it. PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP SmallGiant !! Thanks :slight_smile:


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