Thoth amun or zulag on defense?

That’s my current team, I’m thinking of replacing thoth with zulag and having the following set up instead:

Thoughts? Thanks!

I’m not a fan of Ranvir on defense (weak snipe, and his buff risks misses), so I’d just stick with what you have right now personally.


Justice is a far better tank than Ranvir is a wing.

Neither is great, but you work with what you have.

I surprisingly faced Zulag twice today… neither maxed yet, and no idea why she was in the teams, but neither one was of any threat. Even after she fired.

Mine will sit at 1/1 and I’ll level a 4th Rigard and 3rd/4th Proteus first. Heck, Grimble might get to 3/70 before she gets to 1/2.

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I’d just keep what you have unless you’re really unhappy with it for some reason. Whenever I see Zulag on defense I think “meaty tile dump” because that’s all she is.

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I think I’ll just stick to what I have already then! Thanks everyone! :+1:

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