Thoth Amun or Sartana.....................Go!

I’ve had Thoth at 3/70 for a bit now…Just got Sartana.

Tabbards are like elephant wings…very tough to come by.

So who gets em’ tabbards…

I’m at 2200-2500 cups…but i do it weird
Wukong, Jackall, leonidas, azlar, Grimm (team power 3500ish)
I win a ton on offense and lose it right back on defense…I always go after 50 cup battles.

Thoth is a pain if he gets his little buddies jaws yappin.
Sartana and Hel are the most painful to go up against cuz I’m yellow…lol
I’d love to add a fast sniper…that hits like a rail gun

But Thoth is like the slap boxing olympic champion…almost impossible to beat on on 1 or in some circumstances late game

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Love the humour

Anyways I’d go with sartana, always a solid choice, Thoth hits weak IMO


If I was expecting to raid you, I’d recommend Thoth-Amon, to make my life as a raider easier. Sartana makes life rougher for attackers than Thoth.
I don’t have her and haven’t leveled Thoth yet, so I can’t give more detailed comparisons.

Sartana > Thoth in essentially every way and circumstance. No brainer imho. I have Sartana fully levelled and she is a beast!


Seems to me a serious question…hmm…let me think…ah…i would go immediatly for Sartana…Sartana …Sartana :laughing:


Sartana is wicked (and looks it). She’s useful everywhere, period, and the same cant be said of Thoth when comparing the two.


I have a Thoth at full ascension, waiting for tabards for Sartana, I dearly wish it was the other way around. Thoth doesn’t do enough focused damage to take out a yellow center (Guinevere, Justice). His value is in end-game of a slow raid, where his chattering minions can ping a corner foe without adding to its mana, but I’d rather have won the raid ten rounds earlier with Sartana’s blast.