Thoth Amun or Domitia?



I’ve got 2 purple 5* and now considering which one should i ascend? Both of them dont seem to be great on paper… are they even worth spending ascension items on? Your thoughts?

Best purple 5* for multiple uses

Thoth if you wanna focus on raids.
Domitia if you value more titans and event.

None of them are a ‘top hero’, but definitely both worth to level.


I came looking for exactly this topic, so thanks for starting it.

I agree with @Elpis about the general strengths. I like Domitia. The near-immunity to Holy is a huge plus against a yellow Titan or yellow-heavy raids. And her debuff is rare on a 5*. Her hit is weak for an avereage mana hero, though.

Thoth is interesting because his minions fire every turn and can hit those corner guys without powering them up. His fast mana is great, letting him deal a lot of damage over time.

Tough call, likely depending on what else you have.


Depends on what you’re looking for. On single target Domitia will hit harder, but if there’s 3 targets Thoth’s ability will deal about twice as much damage in total and his mana gain is faster.

If you want to prioritize titans, then Domitia, but honestly, I do not like her. Average speed and mediocre damage? Not impressive. Her dispel is nice on raids, but her damage/speed is lacking there.

The yellow shield is garbage, but I find all of the elemental shields to be situational garbage so I may be biased here :stuck_out_tongue:


The speed/HP/state of your team after finishing any map level has no bearing on the kind of rewards you’re receiving. It’s completely random. Also 16-9 is not a very good stage for farming. Low XP, recruits, and unimpressive loot for the amount of energy spent.

Basically, I would strongly advise against picking heroes to ascend with map in mind. You complete the map (which can be done with a set of lvl 60 4* heroes with no issue) and then you famr lower levels.


Lol it is right, but if you want to believe in magic of intent and belief, I’m not gonna stop you :slight_smile: It’s a fun thing to do. I like to open Titan chests with Titan icon in view as well to get better loot cause ya know, titan power and stuff.


Thanks everyone for your opinions…

What if i have to choose between tiburtus and these 2?


I have chosen Tiburtus over Thoth currently. It’s because I’m a long way from having all the items required for Thoth to go on the final ascension and Tiburtus on final is stronger than Thoth on 3rd.

Additionally, Thoth is rather clunky for now with his slow-down on minion attacks. I’m kinda hoping he gets some fluency in some future patch.

So, if you’re not out to complete your team of 5*s I’d probably take Tibbi if I were you. Especially since neither Thoth nor Domitia are the hottest cakes on the block it would seem.

But if you want to be more future-investment oriented, I’d certainly consider the 5*. I’m more into events and POWER NOW kind of thing :slight_smile: So a finished 4* has higher value to me even if it postpones my 5* a while.


Aight, sound logic. you’ve persuaded me. Thank you!


I hope it’s the right choice for you, but the best advice I can give is the one I’ve taken myself :slight_smile:

Enjoy your hero!


In general, it depends on how many of the 4 star item for ascension you have. In purple’s case, Royal Tabard.

If you have less than 4, you’re probably better off ascending Tibertus to 70, since it’s far more likely you’ll get 8 trap tools before 3 Royal Tabards.

And most 4 stars are more powerful at 4/70 than 5 stars at 3/70.


I have neither and rarely see them used in raid defenses. On paper Thoth looks better, but I wouldn’t swap my Hel or Sartana for either. If you can’t take them to level 80 then you will be better of ascending a 4*.


Once again, thank you all for your support! :wink:


I would always choose Tiburtus over either Domitia or Thoth. Domitia is situational and you only take Tiburtus out in certain situations. As mentioned in another post, Thoth’s special is “clunky” and takes time to go off and his can be detrimental during a titan attack when you are ‘under the time gun’ and it can limit further attacks. I like Thoth for many reasons and some were mentioned here, but given a choice I bring Tiburtus to 4th ascension before I take Thoth to 3rd Ascension or even 4th Ascension.