Thoth-amun bug?

Well, i found another bug :smile:

it’s about getting killed with counterattack as Thoth-amun.
If You don’t have any summons on him and u get destroyed by counterattack from another hero You will get his minion (because u used his special skill) but Your hero is dead and you will only see summoned “skull” on your dead champion.
Minion won’t attack because hero is dead - 0/100% hp

Anyone had this problem?


Very strange as minion should get damage first. Got delilah and no issue but she does not actively attack so not applicable here…
Gues they have to chance order of his attack. First minion then attack…

I had a one-off bug today, where a killed character, Natalya, still retained the active buffs that went on the same round she was killed. Maybe there’s a connection. Sadly the mana gain and HoT Albie gave her didn’t affect a dead hero, and the fight didn’t last long enough for eiyher the buffs to expire naturally or for Albie to res her to see what would happen.

I vaguely remember a former beta tester mentioning this thoth bug, but seemed corrected when he was released