Those who pulled Xmas heroes

My topic is about balance and reward. Its about being fair. Something that we all strive for. I think zinga should give those who have pulled mother north, krampus and santa the costume for them. Instead of having to pull for them again. The game has become spend a fortune to be competitive. Now for people like myself who have had santa since his release and krampus from last year have a far inferior hero to those pulling this year spending money. Thoughts???

SG doesn’t want you to stop spending money on pulls. They don’t care about ‘fair’. They only care about non-stopping profit.

Costumes are their way for people who already have heroes to keep pulling in portals they would otherwise give up on.

It’s not about players discussing what they like.


I’m still of the opinion that regular Krampus is the better hero. The stat boost from seasonal costume is marginal. And the precedent was already set with S1 costume release where you don’t automatically get the costume for having the original. I wouldn’t expect change now


If we all automatically got the costume then costumes wouldn’t exist at all and SG would just add new heroes to the portal that would require more ascension materials, emblems, and aethers.

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Yes true but for SEASONAL pulls it makes a bit more sense. I think many of us long standing gamers here are fed up with it. I dont have bottomless pockets and have dropped from top 1% of titans and events to top 5% I can’t compete without spending and that is crazy to think. A business is about making money but also about enriching lives…not just pockets. Don’t put it to me that a business should just run to make money above anything because that’s not why you do it. The game was created for fun and to make money…somewhere over the buy out that’s been lost

I think in the spirit of Christmas this would be wonderful, unfortunately it might cause resentment in those that don’t have any Christmas 5*s or worse ….those that have Kad and been chasing the costume.

Anyway I voted aye :point_up_2:


Please vote at top guys

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Costume Krampus is better than regular. The class change is an improvement, and the extra turn for all 3 buffs is a big improvement. The change of attack increase vs defense increase is a “wash” in my opinion. The change from non dispellable to dispellable for the defense buff is the only negative change for the costume version, and that definitely isnt enough to make the costume version worse. Regular is still amazing though of course.


Please hit the vote standy

Topics about costumes for premium topics have thousands of critical responses ever since they were teased in Sneak Peek, every beta with costumes almost every player keeps telling them the costumes should not be released as they are via portal, they even put the idea on a hiatus for months and reworked the bonus % but never did anything about the double selling aspect etc and you think we hit vote button on your topic will suddenly make SG change their mind? Good luck… Those “Vote” points are useless here, sorry bro, you can collect 2000 and it still won’t change a thing.


Might be your opinion, mine differs. Don’t want to drag this off topic by getting into it here. My reasons for my opinion are on the costume Krampus thread. My only concern facing Krampus is the undispellable def up. Him being rogue doesn’t worry me it only evades the damage not any dispell. And the attk up doesn’t worry me much either. It’s basically the same as Khionna, I don’t worry when she casts I won’t when Krampus does.

When you made the pulls last year, you were pulling for a non-costumed version, which you received. No reason to give free costumes now.

I swear this forum is all about ‘give me, give me, give me’.

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Nah its about balance. If it was give me give me I’d say give me my money back you plank :wink:


Reading the OP / title … I don’t understand, how is this year’s Santa / Krampus costumes far superior than original hero cards.

While costume bonus is not any significant, the new hero cards are different, that’s all !
They don’t make previous heroes inferior …

I feel, it has become habit to analyse every small aspect into inferior / superior = put pressure on self, which doesn’t help in any way.

Its time to pull oneself out of these imaginary traps & see heroes as a toy - tool - resource to play the game, instead of extreme views that are not reality !

Happy playing !

“fair” has nothing to do with a game that is based primarily on gambling/risk… If you want things fair, why not take it a step further and say any costume that is released is given to all players that have that uncostumed hero. And since we are making things “fair”, let’s give every player access to every hero as well, so everyone has the same base roster to choose from. After all, that would be “fair”


Costumes are considered to be separate heroes.

I for one dislike the introduction of non-S1 costumes at all. My best xmas present would be their complete removal. That’s my $0.02

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When you pulled last year, you made a decision that the Winter heroes, as they were then defined, were the best use of your then current resources. Modifying past choices because new information is available doesn’t happen. Anywhere. (I can’t upgrade my phone for free simply because there is a newer model that wasn’t available when I made my purchase decision.)

But furthermore,
You received a full year of (we presume) better loot as a result of having access to those heroes earlier than those that are pulling right now.

Nothing is striking me as unfair here.

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Please create a poll and add the opposite opinion. Then I will vote. No, absolutely no conclusions can be drawn from this about my opinion. :smirk:

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for those with the train of thought that “since I pulled Krampus, Francine, Ariel, Gravemaker and Yunan, last year, we should receive their costumes in our mailboxes when their respective events open up”, let’s take a step back and rethink that thought process.

Since I pulled Kaliden before her costume was released, then I should be entitled to her costume instead of having to pull it, right? I should also have Azlar and Elena’s costume, along with Black Knight and whatever challenge hero’s costumes become available later this month.

If that were the case, then the Costume Chamber would be nonexistent because no one would need to pull for the S1 costumes since we already have them.


Rebel this is my point. The heroes costumes allow s1 and beyond heroes to compete with the s4 and new event heroes. So yes I am saying give us the costumes for the heroes we have pulled. It will never happen but its an idea. At the rate all the new heroes coming out the s3 and below heroes are becoming irrelevant