Those crazy costs & bring in tactics!

In my opinion the game should be more about choices and tactics than … well, waiting days, weeks and months for a building or hero to be finished.

There is no weight on “play style” - the strongest players had to wait months or even years to get all their heroes together, or they simply bought their success with real money.

Let us chose between options, then make the second option we didn’t pick hard to achive, but the first option free of any of these crazy costs we currently have. Or let similar options as the previous one be cheaper, example: You focus on healers and buffs - fitting heroes and buildings could be cheaper and faster to complete. I want to fight against different types of players!

Also: Let us arrange our teams! 2 in the front or 3 in the front or something. If I want to use only 2 heroes at all, give them bonuses. Or let us plan the automatic fight style of our defense team (1. protect 2. heal 3. attack …)

Just bring in more brains into the game, please!

Your idea on Tactics for 2 heroes with bonuses is very interesting!

Since the standard layout is 3 rows and 7 columns with 5 heroes = 11311 (tank exposed to 3 columns, and the other 4 heroes initially exposed to 1, until the ones below them die then they are exposed to 2)

How about an option for teams of 3 heroes with a 232 column exposure and the team of 3 get a +25% base stat bonus

As for teams of 2, in trials and single-player stage bosses, there are two enlarged enemies that are exposed to 3 columns each with the middle column overlapped between the two and the two wings miss, if choosing a team of two they each get a +50% stat bonus

There is another thread a few months old based on having the option to choose between different team arrangements for defense.

It did get interest and then just died out.

I commented a bunch on that thread and personally came to a conclusion that arranging the layout would be too unbalancing for a bunch of reasons (one point being how specials that hit adjacent heroes in some layouts would be crazy powerful) and the only balanced new option would be an inverted V. The current layout is a V which has one tank exposed to 3 columns and the other 4 initially at 1 each, and later 2.
The above idea of getting bonuses if a team is instead 3 or 2 heroes still puts them in the same V layout but no initial protection (initial column exposure of 232 or 33 with overlap) hence the bonuses if you choose to take less heroes into battle.
I like the idea of taking on an enhanced team of 3 or 2, it adds a new level to the game

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