Thorne...what is his purpose

Your answer is pretty straightforward, very high damage for average mana. I’m in top50 and regularly use him against telluria tanks in war, so he isn’t useless. I pair him with costume kiril and richard


I sort of feel if that was the purpose his attack would be higher. I have used him a bit and he’s not terrible but I have Triton and Grimm that give more versatile options in the team.

When I get one more Tabard I get Sheshat, I just can’t see a consistent role.

That said the costume bonus if I rolled it. This would give enough to Thorne that both defence and attack stand out. I can achieve similar results with emblems. Its the cost and the four stars actually look better food to utility.

I have TC20 on two camps now as the other blue 5 stars I can see no real regret on. Thorne looks cool and he is not terrible, in two months if I get a few compasses… yeah even then I think he’s on the list…

Great feedback everyone- happy rolls to you all :slightly_smiling_face:

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I maxed him a while back but didn’t care much for him. Then I pulled Arthur and suddenly he was a great one-two punch. He’d get even better if I leveled up Frida, but the elemental down just before he strikes can make him hit pretty hard.

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Thorne alone is maybe not that intimidating, but I have him paired up with Frida and Vela… and they’re deadly.


Oh my green hero paradise!!

Just following up, @Rob2. See my post here about how brutal the Thorne-meister can be when paired with defense down:

As I said in the post there, this is the third trial in a row that has gone like this. So don’t get too discouraged about him. He can bring the pain if you use him correctly.

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I do like the idea of boosting attack, his defence is strong though not OP compared to other heros. If he gives a bit more tile damage and for sure the multiplier on the special is strong.

I am going to roll two TC20 and after Knights if I have no other blues. I think I might take him up, he’s so marginal but progress can be like that. The game is like that🤣

Watch me roll blue five stars for the rest of the year. He will still look cool :sunglasses: been waiting 3 months for something better and could be waiting a few more or could just make it work​:+1:

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Thorne exists to make Richard look good. :grin:


I’m reading this wondering if you have any maxed 5*, and if so which ones?

If you’re F2P, you’ll probably be waiting a long time to pull Magni and Richard.
Odds are, if you ascend Thorne, you’d have another set of scopes of even two before you get both of them from TC20.

Sure, you could run two TC20’s, but you’re then getting a lot less feeders to build up your deck with.

He’ll add depth even if you don’t emblem him - and because he’s beefy (good defence/HP), he doesn’t desperately need emblems to survive, which is useful if you want to keep them on Sonya.
Compared to 4* he still hits pretty hard and especially so if you’re pairing up with Grimm and Kiril.
Oh and there are only so many emblems available to you - a 4*+20 might be close to the same power, but there’s only so many of them you can do.

Maybe it’s just me, but if I were F2P and had two full sets of mats I’d just go for it, with any available 5*… Even Khagan or Horg.


Maybe the costume will provide a more versatile special. I really like how they modified Magni - balanced attack and defense and switched to defense down special. Maybe costume Thorne will also have better balance and a bonus skill.


We’ll see.

But if we’re talking F2P, it’s unlikely enough to land as to not really be relevant, IMHO.


I only have Azlar, I have Seshat, Kingston and Grimble waiting on mats. Tabards 5 tonics at 3 could use a roll. Probably getting valor actually as its good enough value for me. I can stop whining.

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Update, end of knights, no 5 star roles. This backs up how scarce legendary heros are. The two TC20 have deepened my bench. Quite a few doubles but they will help in the long run.

Thats really where I am at, still only 3 compasses Thorne would be 2. Having spent considerable time on costume little John he was a big lift to my team. I feel at this point another two 4 star heros probably gives me more than Thorne.

Its a real shame he’s just a bit marginal.

That said I will probably level him after, if I get a bit compass love. I have been raiding specifically to meet Thorne and he’s not a bad tank. He doesn’t last long with a stack of greens but the same can be said for most tanks. You can heal through his hit, but again that’s true of most heros. On the flank he just doesn’t go off enough but his special does change the game.

Thanks for all the feedback and I hope it helps others with the Thorne in their team.

Thorne reputation is unfair. Really decent 5* for an young deck, he’s a decent tank with emblems for early war (focus attack in his emblem tree, he has a good sef stat), where blue tanks are the best way to go.

He strike like a truck and can punish a bad board
While on offense side heeasily combo with a lot of other blue heroes like, kiril or kiril C, Magni C, Finley, frida or K Arthur, grimm etc…

My first comb one year ago was Grimm Kiril Magni, this three allow me to climb in diamond, it should be Richard or Thorne instead of Magni.

Of course my present blue is not longuer my favorite run team but it’s more link to Telluria than anything else.

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Every time he fires when I fight him on D and he hits for 800-900 on one hero and 400+ on two more, then some sniper kills one or both of the other damaged ones I wonder why he is hated so much. I think he is solid, just not spectacular. In a F2P or C2P I think he should be used more. On a P2P account he probably doesn’t have a lot of value other than bench fodder for wars, and well, with green tanks dominating…

And the elemental D down discussion has already happened, he is a KILLER following Frida (who I have).

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I think people read the old threads from when he first came out and was underpowered, not taking into account that he’s had a fairly hefty buff since then. I don’t have him levelled myself (a long, long blue queue and 1 scope), but when he fires in defence it HURTS.


Those numbers seem off honestly, maybe 800 to an unemblemed 4*, but at least the +6-8 Thorne tanks I’ve faced, none seem to hit over 650 on the main hero, with about 300-350 splash damage.

Main problem with Thorne I see is two-fold:

  • no secondary effect to his special, so purely relying on damage (that’s why healers exist)
  • average speed

In a vacuum these don’t seem like dealbreakers, but there are three fast green heroes that will easily rip Thorne a new one - Lianna, Kingston, Eve. I mean forget about the 5* greens for a second, I’m mostly puttering around with 4* heroes, and even my anti-blue team of Caedmon+14, Hansel+18, and Telluria+6 tears right through Thorne and Richard tanks (granted, none above 8 or so emblems since I raid around the 2000-2200 cup range).

Richard at least has that attack debuff, which if he hits the key green heroes in the attackers team could pose a problem. Thorne just relies on pure damage to try and win, which simply doesn’t cut it anymore in today’s meta.

Actually, the biggest problem with Thorne is he has no finishing power - unlike Magni for example, he simply cannot one shot an attacker’s hero, so as long as the attacker can get their healer charged up, Thorne is basically just one giant meat shield that’s stalling for time.


Thorne following a def down is still decent. I use mine in a Blue war stack with Grimm and Finley and he does work. He does usually finish stuff off.


Final post, promise:)

I bit the bullet and ascended Thorne. Happy that he’s going to add a little. From this comfortable place…

Magni rolls in on the costume event. My 6 spare scopes are now taken.

No regrets really Thorne does swipe hard. I would say 600 and 300 is pretty close to the damage average - higher if I get a few buffs in the mix, lower if they have buffs. I miss the debuff from Sonya as everyone said, so he’s not always a starter in rainbow but I will work that out.

Going to put a few emblems on him and boost attack - if I can get the tile damage up he might well start. I did raid against a Thorne 9 and my mostly 4 star team was hurt a great deal by 800, 400. Fortunately nothing followed up and I squeeked through, he managed a second swipe though and made it a close thing taking two heros with him.

Ultimately getting that synergy is Thornes problem. Hes good, just not a win on his own and he doesn’t help anyone else. It looks like he could be the main threat, with some thought.

The raid against him had no fast sniper so my heal went off before anything bad happened. So I am thinking with a fast sniper on each flank you have a decent chance of removing two heros. Then Thorne could easily zap another as you desperately bounce tiles off him, as I did lol. Losing three heros for the tank makes him a problem.

Anyway plenty of feeding and farming before I get too excited and Magni in costume is going to fit better in most situations.

I just wanted to post, so all the F2P get a bit hope. I did roll more the past few months. All the extra rolls did not solve my problems. Once I settled into playing what I had - bang - up pops the roll I wanted. It is like the game knows lol.


@Rob2, you might be interested in this relatively new thread:

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