Thorne poll for fun

If he’s made fast, he’d be a better version of M. Lepus lol. Bulkier and with no defense ailment downside.

I like the idea of just tweaking Thorne’s stats a bit more. Give him more oomph at the cost of less defense.

But in my opinion, I think Thorne is a decent hero already. Not amazing but he’s okay.

There’s other 5* heroes I’d pick first who I deserve an adjustment more (Khaghan comes to mind).

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How about make Thorne’s mana “always charged”! Haha

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That is a very good review of the problem. I guess I’ll know when I work whit him, but that helped my a lot to get why he is so unappreciated and yet hard to change. Anyway, he was my firt 5* from TC20 and I am overjoyed with him, because I almost have a 5* rainbow team now (except for green).

Thorne is pretty good now after his last buff. He hits pretty hard, with overall damage more than Lianna. If they balanced his defense and attack more he’d be one of the beat classic heroes. But really, he’s fine as is. He’s better than many other TC20 heroes at this point.

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I personally think his buff moved him out of the subpar range already. He’s not great but he is certainly useable now. He can be an annoyance when raiding, especially I find on flank. Maybe because I still tend to focus on the other flank instead :rofl: .

I finally pulled one after 2 years of playing (from Teltoc no less – not even TC20). He’s going to have to wait his turn behind Isarnia though.

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Thaths funny, because I was wondering if he would work as flank (I was not asking because at present I am not working in my first 5* team, yet it is a nice piece of info, thanks).

I thought he could get a costume with elemental defense down. That would make him loved, since Frida is about to come by for the last time ever (unless something changes) and Arthur is only available twice a year.

I’m pretty new in the game, but I did not include this because I though it was higly unlikely, for two main reasons:
1 There are certain abilities that are exclusive to nonTC20 heroes, like minions or elemental debuff (I’m pretty sure that this did not change with costumes). Whether this is a good or a bad thing, it would be a worthy subject for other threat.
2 People who owns Arthur will be discontent, as Frida (and now apparently a season III 3*) already got the feature, wile other colours had only a elemental deffense debuffer.

My thought is that putting it on a costume keeps it exclusive and “behind the paywall”, but at the same time available once a month. As it stands now, titans bigger than 12 stars are near impossible without elemental defense droppers, and with Evelyn (green) gone forever, and Frida going, it’s getting dangerously close to permanently creating an underclass that cannot advance farther in the game if there is not some way to address this. Admittedly, four of the five elements are available in challenge events, but at a 0.2% chance of pulling them for Arthur and Panther. (Falcon and Jackal are easier, but only 4*; the new 3* blue dropper is going to be useless above 8-9 star titans.)

Not quite. If things follow the current cycle we think we’ll see her for the last time in November’s AR.

He’s already decent - no need to buff further.

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I’m a fan of Thorne. He’s tanky and last longer so average speed is just fine. Doing the same damage to 3 with AoE would be the best move to get people’s attention. Yet it might be OP. What would An AoE look like for just 2 enemies? And do that one the same strength. If 480% is too much lower it a bit. Maybe 420%

How about a new ability?
Getting mana charged from special hit.

Thorne will be hit from Lianna and loses 80% of his health. His mana bar fills for 60% of received dmg and his mana will increase 45% immediately.

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