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I had got reccently a Thorne. As I’m f2p I’ll max him as soon as I finish my 4* bench and get the matts. But as I already know he was considered subpar, I searched to know why.


I can understand that even with the buff his attak is low, and now he dosent even have the strongest deffense in game.
I also understand that he is ussable, that is why I did not put this in the request category.

So, this is the idea, lest vote to know how would you make him a loved hero as Lyana or Vivica, without making him OP.

  • Switch his attak and deffense stats.
  • Make him hit three at 480%, and not minor damage to nearby oponents.
  • Give him a deffense debuff (maxi Grimm).
  • Make him fast.
  • Any of the previous options will be enough.
  • None of these are good, other option (state in comments).

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Here is the big guy, in case you are no familiar with him.

And remember to not get heathet up, we are not requesting a fix here, just discussing out of curiosity

Thorne isn’t as bad as people imply. Paired with a defense drop like Athena, he hits pretty hard. If he hit all 3 the same, he’d be much more feared.


indeed… Grimm and then Thorne (mine is just 3.70) ist not too shabby … :wink:


Curious, I also have to vote to see the results, even as the poll creator. Thanks for the reply Srob, I know he is not so bad, I already ascended Boril and he served my fine (I mention this as an example of other unpopular hero I own and works for me).
I’m just asking because I think I get why people don’t love him, and I’m curious to see what woul they change. (And that was hard to grasp in the threads I had visited up until now)

Costume to hit 3 for 360%…


The problem is that he has defense stats and an offense special attack. He should either have better offense stats and be for offense or his special should be changed to something more in line with a tank (heal, defense buff, etc).

I agree…to be fixed with costume…and to hit all 3 @415%, his attack stat his quite low, if he hits all three equally and slightly harder, he would be more relevant.

My Thorne has a 702 attack state and with two attack nodes left, is heading for a final 732. He works with Frida and Isarnia. If possible I try to wait for Isarnia to charge, for total devastation, but usualy the Frida Thorne combo obliterates the main target leaving the secondary hanging by a thread. Cherry on top, lately I add costumed Rigard to boost attack.


I love this thread! I already wrote about how I personally love Thorne. Check it out:
My Verdict on Thorne - Totally Worth It!

Back to this poll. I chose “make him fast”. Hitting all three targets at 480% might be too much. The only issue is that if Thorne was fast, he would lose some synergy with Grimm and Kiril. You would have to wait for them to charge if you want total devastation.


Well, I readed the threath and I liked it too. It, and the poll point to the fact that Thorne is not a high offensive character, and people felt that his ability does not match his stats. That is good to know, but as many said in other threads, not so bad for a f2p.
About the poll, I’m a bit surprised that most people would prefer him being fast. I guess there is a sort of a consensum regardin the fact that a maxi grim would be overbuffing him. I’m curious thoug why the idea of switching stats is not popular.

Yes, it might seem so, but actually, Thorne rarely gets charged fast enough to hit 3 targets. So practically “hit 3 for 480%” would actually be “hit 2 for 480%” Strong indeed, but not OP for a average hero.

Not on defense side.

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That’s still very OP.
To put it into perspective, with a lvl 23 mana troop you’re mostly charging Thorne at the same time as a fast sniper on offense. If you have attack emblems on him, you’d be hitting 2 if not 3 targets with comparable force to an Alasie+0. That’s insanely powerful.

Giving him a defense down just makes him Athena basically.

Switching his attack and defense stats screws over anyone who built their defense around him as tank.

Making him fast mana is probably the most viable suggestion, but you’d probably have to tone him down to 450% or so.


How about we upgrade Thorne and make him hero of the year:

  1. attack ALL enemies at 480%
  2. Reduce defense of all enemies by 34%
  3. Reduce attack of all enemies by 34%
  4. Elemental link: all ice allies receive 10% critical attack and recover 5% health for 6 turns
  5. Deals extra damage to fire
  6. Fast mana
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Agree, except for nr.6. Better make that “very fast mana”. Or even better, make it “starts already charged”! :grin::grin::grin:

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Yea, then he would be the heroe of the year. But I was hoping to know what people felt it was needed to make him loved, not OP.
With that upgrade even a 3* would be a rockstar, lol. :rofl:

@ziel05, @solipsism, valid points both. Actually Thorne works fine as he is. A fit buff might be a +25% attack for him and nearby for 4 turns. That would give him some needed edge without making him OP.

Then, to make him loved, not usable (that he already is) would that be your sugestion? his original damage output (I think it was something like 445%) and him being fast.
Now that I say it, it seems, at the very least strong (not sure if too strong), knowing that he is quite durable.

It would be like a rabit under steroids :joy:

Think of Thorne like an ugly orange car. Now, can you put a powerful enough engine, and enough luxury features to make that car desirable? Of course. But the fact that you need to do that just points out that the concept is flawed in the first place.

People mostly want focused damage and AoE debuffs. Having a hero that distributes pure damage to multiple targets is just a tough sell without making it OP.

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