Thorne / Perseus, which one?


As in topic, which one to ascend - Thorne or Perseus? And which one is better in raids? Titan battles? Def team? Both are 60/2

As a support I only have:
Red: Natalya fresh out of the box (currently 20/2, have items for third ascension), Gormek & Scarlett 60/3 + Hawkmoon
Green: Caedmon 60/3 (with items for ascension - ascend or wait for 5*), Brienne
Purple - only Balthazar
Yellow - only Bane, Gan Ju, Kailani
Blue - Valen

…yes, some bad luck in summoning, all 5* were summoned by my kids… I only get pandas and purple 3*…


Thorne +95 DEF +54 HP
Tanky with a lame effect (only damage), only good as a central raid hero.

  • ATK 605
  • DEF 793
  • HP 1421
  • Average
  • 445% single target + side target

Perseus +120 ATK
Better tile damage, useful special for raids.

  • ATK 725
  • DEF 698
  • HP 1367
  • Fast
  • 355% single target | 0% target heal | Self and side Nature Shield


Basically I would say Perseus for offense and Thorne for defense.
Perseus is great for raid offense, he is fast and stop healing. Best cure against Ares tank.


Perseus. Thorne is crap.


I have a 4/80 Perseus - super balanced all around and good at everything. He really shines in Raids and Events with the healing negate special. So if you don’t need a tank for your uses, then I would lean there.



And ascend Caedmon. He is a great hero and more ascension material will come.
And use your ascension materials on Gormek. He will be better maxed and it will take you a long time to get materials for Natalya on the last ascension.


For me… Ulmer, lol.