Thorne or Sonya

With all the neg on Thorne I have a rainbow five roster he is my only blue five should I go with him or Sonya. My Rainbow will be Sargosso/Vivicia/either Mother North or Evelyn/ C. Kestrel or Elena

My vote is on saving the scopes for a better blue, like Magni or Isarnia and work on Sonya.

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Thorne 3/70 or Sonya 4/70 ? > If so Sonya

I dont think there are 6 scopes available :wink:

The minute i see à Thorne tank (or even worse flank) in a alliance war I know exactly who my first target is gonna be

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4/70 Sonya > 3/70 Thorne. Do not waste scopes on taking Thorne to final tier.

Without considering that Thorne is not exactly the best hero avalaible, dispeller are always useful.
Especially on beginning.


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