Thorne or Magni

Hi all. This is my first post, so I’ll try to make it worthwile. So here’s the thing…I, like everyone else realize that assencion items are hard to find. With that being said, I only have enough items to assend one 5* hero. The choice is between Thorne, who at this point deals 445% damage to the target and minor damage to nearby enemies, or Magni, who at this point deals 410% damage to the target and gives the caster and nearby allies 57% defense for 4 turns. Which hero would you choose to assend, and why? Thanks in advance for your responses.

Magni. He’s also fast mana where as thorne is average. Defense buff is always good.

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It’s kind of a running joke around here about how much better magni is vs Thorne

I remember reading in one place someone said:(paraphrased)

‘If you got 7 Thornes from 30 summons I would actually pity you. But if you got 1 Magni you would get exactly zero sympathy from me’

Parts of why Magni is better:
Fast mana speed versus average.

About 200 higher attack stat (very useful against titans)

That defense buff is sweet in all content

Magni without hesitation

I prefer Magni over Thorne. Magni is best for raiding. He has fast manna and his DPS is hard to top. He has an A rating in Anchor’s Hero spreadsheet.
Thorne is a descent hero, he is good for defense teams. He has a C rating. If you are limited by the number of telescopes you have, I’d give them to Magni first.

20 characters of Magni

Thank you guys for your quick responses. Magni it is. See you guys in the raids (maybe)

Magni is undressed and he need Warm Capes, Thorne already have his cape and could quietly stay at 1.01


I had the same dilemma…to ascend magni or Thorne! Thank you for this thread & all the players who responded :wink:

Fyi the answer remains the same.

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