Thorne or Evelyn - yes I'm serious


I posted this in another thread. You can replace the name “Elkanen” for “Thorne” :point_down:

You need to read carefully, my friend. And see who is writing. All the given advices are well intended and I ALWAYS feel thankful for a well intended advice, but sometimes all those do is to confuse you.
Elkanen sucks… Compared to what? Alberich, Zeline, Tarlak, Gregorion… OMG! All HOTM!!! People saying this can have a 5 HOTM defense team with 2 or 3 Gravemaker, Ares and Hel waiting in the bench…
If you are a BIG spender and think you may be able to get one of those heroes in further Atlantis summons, then feed Elkanen away (maybe you want first actually obtain any new green 5* LOL)
Let me tell you about a modest C2P (never top 100 or even 1000). My TC20 has only rewarded me with two 5*: Obakan and Thorne, B and C rated heroes… All I read about Thorne is crap and more crap. Obviously you can’t compare him with the new Aegir, but the fact is I don’t have Aegir and my fully leveled Thorne is pretty good, tanky stats and just decent damage. Same as Obakan.
My point is: do you like Elkanen? Then ascend and use Elkanen. Listen what all this very kind and wise people have to say but don’t regret taking another direction. Don’t waste months of not using a good hero waiting something awesome finally arrives.


If you have 4 shields then take evelyn to 3/70 so she’s at least useful with her special skill


YES, finally I have validation to max these meat shields, this is my go to team for everything, bring it on titans, gunning for you Zero.


@JonahTheBard you have inspire me to work on Mok - Us, watch me get top the leader board with Mok- Arrss.


Go for it @SandMan. I’m just disappointed that this is the only thread that you haven’t found an excuse to post your mother north lookalike :yum:


Yes, Shields are available @Rigs so that entirely possible until more tonics arrive


Temptation is there.


If it was me(very picky about who i max):

I’d take evelyn, leonidas, and thorne all to 3/70

Ans hope you pull a better blue by the time they reach that point

If you dont have more projects by then, max thorne(cant believe i just typed those words)

But i would definitely try to work on any other projects u can before giving him scopes. Just max him as a last resort kinda thing. Doesnt hurt to develop more depth and gives you more time to get a better blue.


:joy: :joy: :joy: Now that’s just funny right there


Well, Thorne is #2 on the official @Kerridoc Tankiness Rating Scale™

Top 5 Tank Heroes In Game


Yes, if fights were to be fought on 1vs1 maybe Thorne could be good :rofl:


Sorry to say this but Thorne is a waste of ascension materials… skip him and max Evelyn, she will do wonders against blue titans.


Yes, no doubt

But I’m useless against red titans with just the dwavish duo.

And Evelyn can get to 3^70 but I could get Thorne maxxed quite soon…

So, I’m still torn.


I take it you haven’t started to ascend him yet? He’s missing in your above line up, so I am assuming he is at 1/1. I would start to ascend him as you are really weak on blue (and blue is such an underrepresented color amongst the heroes).
He was my first blue 5* and I did start to level him… but did get other options, so he is still waiting. I would have taken him to max, if no other blue had arrived, because you don’t have any guarantee of getting something better. As the game has seen fit to shower me with blue 5* (and is withholding yellow and green), the only reason I didn’t max him is an acute shortage of ascension materials…
I work with what I have… rather than hoping for something that might not come along…


What if you ascend Thorne, and the use your massive moderator powers and privileges to force the devs to buff him?

Then we can reference this post as the key piece of evidence in the conspiracy??


That’s the most sense I’ve heard all day.

I’m thinking some kind of fast charging, mana stealing defence debuff, with undispellable damage over time


The targets affected by Thorne’s damage becomes copy of Thorne :stuck_out_tongue:
Monst OP hero in the game!


-95% sounds about right. -90% would be a little low, and -100% is just silly.


On the positive, the upcoming hero class system could make him more viable somehow. Just sucks u gotta max him before u know for sure


He’s gotten nudged down by Santa and Mother North, but is still a very tanky hero.

I think Thorne and many other heroes are better than their rep. Thorne has gotten some serious buffs this year, but people are unwilling to update their views.

This is a game. Enjoy the cards you’re dealt.