Thorne or Aegir

There is controversy about Aegir. There is general consensus Thorne is no good. I sit here smoking a cigarette honestly confused. What do you want? High attack stat heroes with low defense, or high defense heroes without much attack… if you want to spend your time arguing who is a better tank; of course Guinevere has no competition… however she isn’t good for much else. We are looking at heroes with great defense stats and solid offensive capabilities and there is outcry… guin should be nerfed? Aegir and Thorne are no good? Doing me a confuse my frens.

The only hero who has not a great attack stat but a solid special that it comes to my mind is Justice, and that’s exactly why it makes her a good tank even amongst HotM and event heroes.

For all the rest people usually prefer Guinevre (of course) fast snipers with multiple effects (Grave, Zeline, Alasie) or healers with also annoying 2nd skills (Aeron, Delilah, Vivica)

It is pretty much obvious right now that the secondary skill is more important of the primary.
More you can shot it and more heroes are involved in it, better the hero.

Let’s take a Richard-Zeline example, or a Panther-Arthur.
Zeline probably (i don’t do the math, so i’m not sure) punch less of Richard (at least the targeted hero) but there’s no doubt she is totally on another level. More fast, more attack stats, 5 heroes involved in her skill. Who cares about total damage?

Same for Panther-Arthur. Arthur is a great hero, but can’t keep the pace of Panther that apply her debuff on three, is faster and has more attack stat.

That’s pretty much why Thorne is so bad. If we look only damage and vitality… He is a monster.
But actually having a good secondary skill is just more important of anything else.
Same thing we can say for Aegir. Stat of a great tank, secondary skill not so great.

The game changed so much that what was really good at first (fast single target heroes) is probably the worst right now.
More you can apply a skill on a opponent and more heroes that skill affect, more the hero is good.
So a old single target (even if fast) like Marjana at best can apply DoT on 2 heroes, while Gravemaker (even more fast) on 5.
Who cares if Marjana outclass Grave for pure damage, there’s no one who pick her instead of Grave.



I think you are exaggerating when saying that



Snipers still have their place and are far from being the worst. And there are heroes who hit more than one with secondary effects that are still less than good (Kadilen, Elkanen come to mind).

And usually, you would want to combine Grave/Panther with snipers. And when you have an enemy ready to fire his/her special, Grave or Panther may not hit hard enough to kill them and prevent the hit, while a sniper will be able to do just that. Most heroes have their usage, some having a broader usage than others, and it is near impossible to accurately assess a hero independently of the others heroes used along with that hero.


Fair enough, but sometimes you misread what i wrote.
I’m really far for saying that snipers or heroes that do a lot of damage are bad.

It comes to my mind the time when the first top players complete a set of legendary heroes. There was fast snipers everywhere in the chart, meaning all who can pick the first hero to upgrade choose a hero like Marjana, Sartana, Lianna and so on as main choice. Logic.

If we think right now it is not so logic anymore.
Joon punch much more then Drake Lee, but drake lee blind 3 and provide an attack boost.
If you look only the damage it is a Joon victory hands down, but honestly i don’t really pick him as my main choise.
What i’m saying is that fast snipers has usually the best outcome for damage (focus all on one), but the worst outcome on skill (again only on one), and sometimes that skill is so useful that you happily give up on a single killer to have more of that skill.

Another great example is a Sartana/Hell comparison. Sartana is a killer, but would you take her to 80 instead of Hel? I don’t think so. And Hell is not a killer at all, it is strategic.

So damage was much more important before, now it is simply less.

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In addition to what was already said, the problem with Thorne is that he is worse than Sonya, a 4* blue, who not only has the debuff, but has pretty much the same attack score and operates faster.

Aegir is, at best, uninspiring. He was built to be a tank but he fails at that with other guin options out there. Did I say guin options, I mean “good” options. For a HOTM tank, he should inspire a bit more fear. FFS Khiona is a better tank.

I haven’t played around with Aegir much, on either side of the table, but he fails my “oh :poop: the tank cast” test. A single cast from Zeline or another debuffer erases the cast, or I can exploit the spirit link and get a powerful hit in on a low-defense flanker.

Thorne at least hits with some heft. He has no synergies with the team, however, from a secondary effect, which makes him feel underpowered. If he debuffed target and nearby, like Domitia, his popularity would soar. (Debuffing is an ice skill, as Sonya shows; this change would make Thorne the 5* version of Sonya.)


Sonya is the exception

  • Purple dispeller
    G. Panther
  • Blue dispeller
  • Green dispeller
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Debuff like Sonya or reduce defense, like Grimm.

I’d take either one. He just needs… something. If he can’t have 512% and fast like Lianna because he’s too tanky, fine. But give him something.

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Why not something new for Thorne, a freeze spell for 3 turns.

4 Thorne:
what about this:
“the caster’s subtracted defense point will increase his attack”

and then his damage?

No “op” defense with high attack but a slaugther machine within 3 rounds.
Oh, you~ Icecold Finisher…

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Perhaps a good way to make Thorne likeable is to add a special, when you trigger his special he randomly poop out Epic hero gold tokens. With Aegir his special would be to spit out 3* & 4* ascension mats.

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I don’t know, Thorne is HEFTY with his defensive stats and even though he has no secondary ability he does hit lol. I don’t have alasie or athena who are clearly priority of Thorne but I still think I can level Thorne without regret. The OP was a drunk post lmao not sure if that’s obvious already

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I can’t delete my own post apparently but I flagged it, hoping somebody else can clean it up lol. I usually delete my drunk posts.

@Kerridoc 20 characters of regret

I’ve read all posts about Thorne and Aegir, LOTS of :poop: and few goods.
If you had both at 2/60 (and AM as well), wich one would you take to 4/80 for a defensive team? Would you use any of them over 4/70 Kiril?
I have Thorne and I’m not disappointed with him (of course I don’t have Magni or so), not a killing machine but a solid hero :man_shrugging:

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Kiril is amazing and I love her. SHE’S A BEAUTIFUL DWARVEN WOMEN DON’T TELL ME THAT’S A MAN. (Respect to Cruz.) but yeah I think Thorne is great and possibly a better defender.

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Aegir is the only tank in this game, which I actually want to do his speacial skill. :wink: I don’t take debuffers, since those aren’t needed. Just hit all tiles to Aegir and he will also kill his flanks. Better yet, you don’t even have to take greens with, you take color, what his flanks are. Aegir really is useles as tank. I hope they going to fix him some how.


If you mean your first post, it was more coherent than most people’s sober posts. In any case, it’s taken on a bit of life, so,let’s let it run it’s course.

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