Thorne. Fix him

Seriously developers fix him he needs a status effect or be moved to fast speed.

You now have multiple 4* and 5* doing the same damage type as in minor damage to nearby enemies, but with stats lasting 3-6 rounds.

His 440% attack special barely makes a mark on health, due to the fact you gave him the lowest 5* attack stat. There are 3* hero’s with nearly the same attack power.

Hel gets 3 round effect plus extra damage on holy.
Mushashi gets 5 round effect.
Grimm Gormek Tiburtus all 6 round effect.
Richard 6 round effect.
Athena 4 rounds.
Lady Locke does over 2400 damage over 6 rounds.
There is probably more I missed.

Please stop thinking about who to Nerf next and give a hero an upgrade. Its a lot easier to boost one hero then Nerf 10 others. You still have missing holes in 5* specials that you can easily fill with thorne.

@Petri @RubiKinga


He has the highest defense in the game, he’s a meat shield. the BEST meatshield in the game He’s not broken, he just doesn’t do what you want him to do.

Please stop being upset that your screwdiver doesn’t make a good hammer.


I wouldn’t say he is the best meat shield in the game. The one stat you, pointed out correctly, he is awesome at def can be easily dropped by multiple hero’s. Horghal on the other hand has more life, which can’t be dropped on specials buff and hits everyone.
There is a lot more horghals running around at level 80 then there is thrones. That alone proves the mass population think he a better tank.

This is about what small giant keep pushing, balance. If we could run a poll I’m sure the majority would say thorne is the worst 5* in blue. Hence force = broken = needs balancing.

Hp can be dropped by almost every hero in the game. :wink:

Horghall is also a low tier 5* I would never use him (in fact, I’ve had him twice and fed him to Lianna). I do have Thorne, but I’m not using him.

No, this proves that early in the game, there were only two green 5* horghall and Lianna. So you’re going to see more of them period whereas blue had more.

Horghall’s max hp is 8% higher than Thornes, but Thorne’s defense if 28% higher, that’s a huge difference.

From the days of WoW and not standing in the fire… dead dps, is 0 dps.

I agree that Thorne doesn’t have a great place in raiding right now… but so what? A lot of heroes don’t.

I literally went through top 50 ranks for raids after I got this email. 24 minutes since you posted.
Not one thorne there. Maxed or at t3.
There’s magni
There’s isarnia
There’s Athena
There’s Richard
There’s horghal
No thorne though
All the above either maxed or at t3.
You kind of proved the point yourself saying you have and dont use him.
Plan and simple he is unbalanced and that’s because of his special not having an effect, which was my opening point.

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I have and don’t use Justice, Vivica, Kadilen, Leonidas, Azlar, and Sartana… so… I also have a Joon at final ascension that I level that isn’t on my defense team. I also swap in Boldtusk, Gormek, and sometimes even Scarlett situationally.So what’s your point?

Raiding is not the only aspect of this game. If you’re running against a Fire Titan, Thorne works really really well for multi color teams as he doesn’t take much maintenance or healing.

There are insanely good blues in the game right now, of course you’re not going to see Thorne in raids.

The devs have better metrics to look at that what you see in raiding. They are ONLY going to correct heroes that are actually broken, like Kadilen’s buff not staying up for 2 actual turns, Athena being OP, Hel being broken 4 times and is finally fixed.

There are SOOO many options to this game, just because one blue has a better fit in most teams doesn’t mean he’s broken. Right now my raid team is 3 reds and 2 blues, just for fun, and I’ll likely level Thorne now to run 3 blues at times as well. But right now, my focus is on getting Joon to 80.

Not to mention, Thorne’s special is 445% at level 8, that’s insanely high for splash damage. (compared to Tiburtus, Gormek, and Grimm at 295%, and even Richard is only 415% albeit he has a better attack stat (12% higher attack… oooo dramatic hand wiggle)

Thorne isn’t broken, he’s not useless, he just doesn’t fit as well with common team compositions, and with so many other blues running around, he’s not used often. To add a special would make him overpowered.

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I simply mentioned raiding as you can actually see the teams people are using. No one is going to put a t3 5* in a serious team and keep a maxed 5* out, except when someone is massively OP. This means no one is hiding a maxed thorne. Thats because he is not balanced. Even if looking at raids alone with the current set up small giant are using, extra attack for def team, lower attack for attacking team, this would provide the perfect situation to use thorne in. No one does though because he is unbalanced. Not matter which way you cut it.

Sounds like you have an aversion to slow heros. They have their place in the game. I use one in 3/4 teams I use through the game.

Everyone swaps in hero’s situationally, well at least players that have the option do. There in lies my point. I have 3 5* blue tested all of them in different positions on different teams. There is one common outcome. Thorne doesn’t make the cut. And this is because he isn’t effective or productive when his special is maxed. Its all over the game.
So 28% difference on stat is huge but 12% is a hand Wiggle?
Yes thorne has a huge % on splash but that still amounts to absolutely nothing when you remember he has the worst attack stat going, so bad some 3* are nearly at his level.
I can definitely see people thinking Athena is still OP but personally I dont agree on that. Hel I think is OP still, say bye bye to joon when he gets hit by her.

Even where you said swap in thorne as second blue on titan, thorne would be last option. You would take almost every other blue 4* instead. At least you get a status effect with them.

Adding an effect to him would not make him OP but it would make him useful.

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I’m sorry to disagree with you Wif, but “player’s choice” doesn’t equal “defective/in need of nerfing/beefing to balance that hero”.

Sometimes a player just likes the look of a hero, or prefers a minute advantage. If we “balance” all heroes, they’ll all be the same and the game will be boring.

I much prefer hero diversity, where I can choose some and pass over others. They’re not broken…they’re working as intended. :+1:

When do players choose a hero that is not as effective as others if they options?
They don’t.
If Thorne wasn’t broken you would see him getting used. Not a second third or fourth string choice.

Small giants goal has been to balance heros. Clearly as you can see from players choice they have missed him.

Uh… well… i don’t dislike him. Yeah, i may prefer Athena and Magni too, but he is not half bad.
If you don’t have Lianna take him down it’s not easy, unlike Magni that can be killed anytime without his defence buff.

Fact is, some have huge power and some has huge health/defence. What’s wrong with that?
Don’t have a status effect? Neither Quintus. And Kadilen’s last only 2 turns.

But they all have their good points and can be useful in some conditions.

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I don’t use Wu Kong. I believe he’s working as intended and not broken.

You forget that some players in this game can’t afford to buy the team they want; they get the team they get. If I got him right now, I would use him. Why? Because he’s better than the two 3* blues I currently have. If I got a better blue after him, would I trade up? Absolutely. Why, because he’s broken? No, because trading up is what you do in this game to stay competitive. :roll_eyes:

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And I love my Wu Kong :grinning:. Granted, he is the only yellow 4* I have and I hesitated greatly before ascending him, but now that he’s maxed, he is great.

I also do run across Thorne pretty often (on teams with multiple 5s), so he is being used. I don’t have Thorne myself (or any other 5), but my 4*s aren’t happy with the damage he deals ;).

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Ugh… my heart…
Help !


You must have missed the point where I said if you have options, in the first line of my last post because your whole rest of your post after mentioning wu Kong is about options.
Wu Kong is a different story to thorne he has uses, just because you dont utilize it is different. Plenty of players know how and when to use wu. Fact is no one uses thorne that has other options of same level, people do use wu Kong at times.

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How many other 5* blue are on those teams?

I have no clue to be honest, and even if I did, that is besides the point. I see Thorne on defense teams, color is not really a big factor there. Those opponents clearly think Thorne is one of the 5 best heroes they have to put in their defense team. I thought your whole point was, he isn’t a viable option to put in there? I did say I have seen him between multiple 5s, I am assuming if someone has multiple 5s, they also have their pick of 4s, and didn’t you say he was worse than those 4s? Kind of contradicting, right?

He might be the worst blue 5* there is, there has to be someone who is the worst of them. My point was only that he is being used, so he can’t be as bad as you say. Or maybe all those people didn’t know he was that bad and let him eat all their better 4*s, there is a possibility.


I brought up Wu King as an example. For me personally, I have neither WuKong or Thorne yet, but Thorne would be more helpful to me since I am blue hero poor. shrug

It is okay for me to disagree with you… :wink:

Just got an opponent with Thorne, his line up was Lianna, Thorne, Ares, Kiril and Hel. Not sure if you can even deduct something from this, except maybe that this opponent decided Thorne was good enough to put two blue ones in his line-up. Or it could be that he didn’t think Thorne was good enough and needed help from a blue 4* too :wink:. Only thing you can deduct is that others don’t agree and do choose Thorne over their 4* choices. He still might be the worst 5* there is though, I have no clue, because I have none :sob:, give me please…

Thorne is a great tank, for survival. But his special is a bit disappointing, because his attack stat is so low.

Thorne was my first 5*. I used him at level 60, but swapped him out for Magni later.


I have to say I am in the Thorne being underpowered school of thought. Haha his special being based on his attack, his worst stat, is very problematic. A good tank needs to be a threat either by buffing his team or debuffing the enemy. Take Lianna for extample she doesn’t do any secondary effects but her damage is way better than Thorne’s. Give him slightly less damage like 325 percent damage and the debuff Gormek, Tibertius or Grimm have. Or better yet since he is a paladin give him and really minor heal and defense or offense buff similar to Kiril. Or even keep the damage but let him remove negative effects from your team like Riggard or Vivica. Or just make him a fast recharge and leave the special as is for damage. But in my opinion a Paladin should be a healer and strengthen his team mates like Kiril.


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