Thorne costume

Thorne - Fury of Ice

Class: Ranger
Stats: 730 / 780 / 1421
Special Skill: Icecold Bash

  • Deals 500% damage to the target and minor damage on nearby enemies
  • Target and nearby enemies get -34% defense for 6 turns.

It would be awesome to see a buffed thorne!

LOL…yeeeaaahhhh, let’s make him the most powerful hero in the game! LOL! 500% plus 250% to each side! LOL! And that’s not all folks! Also drops -34% to those same targets!!! LOL. Keep dreaming!


Best idea to make a thorne costume

Why not make him lower the defense before dealing damage while we are at it? D:


You overdid on the stats a bit, but generally it wouldn’t be bad idea, not sure why people see it that way. It’s very much like White Rabbit while at Average speed so with a little more concentrated dmg. And somehow noone has issues with White Rabbit…


Agree with Valex, the best way forward would be to get him a costume


Patience… I guess all classic heroes will get one in time. For one, I’m not happy at all they prioritized the costumes over HA. They said initially HA will enter beta until the end of this year, then costumes in 2020. But of course, we should have expected to this; the greed prevails.

How about one more new effect:

Summons an Ice Minion for caster and nearby allies that inherit 15% health and 10% attack from the caster.


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