THOR - VOTE to make him a dark hero

My reasons why Thor should be a dark hero :

  1. NO DARK : In 3rd round of heroes, there are 4 new heroes of which 2 are holy :
    Gefjon – 5* – :fire: Fire
    Lord Loki – 5* – Ice
    Odin – 5* – Holy
    Thor – 5* – Holy

  2. A bit of lore info, why I consider him dark.

Thor is always shown with long red hair and a great beard, often as not leaping into battle against giants or killing dwarves without pausing to consider alternatives to violence.
The stories which feature the god, besides noting his strength and impatience with delays, all emphasize his reliability. Even when Thor is tricked our outsmarted, his past victories and assurance of future triumphs excuse him; he may not win a battle but will eventually win the war

  1. Currently in season 3, there is only Freya as dark hero and none other planned.

  2. MY IDEA for Thor hero was to big extent copied for upcoming Thor made by SG : / charging special from one target to all in 3 charges.
    Create/Design Your Own Hero – Player Hero Ideas [MASTER]

  3. Case closed… MAKE HIM DARK! Please :smiley:

// also I hope, they connect his special to lightning not blind effect like all yellows do… Lightning effect could be shock stopping target enemy from gaining mana or casting for 1 turn


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