Thor versus Drake Fong

For those saying Thor sucks … how about a comparison?

Say … to Drake Fong?

22 more attack; 23 more defense; 41 more health

VF to F

Fighter to Monk

280% versus 270% (on a higher attack number!)

-40% accuracy versus -35% accuracy

Can hit more than 3 enemies on 3rd charge

Gives all allies +5% (or more) attack when low health (Midgard Realm) versus DF’s E-link +5% H/D for Holy allies only.

So I guess if Thor sucks, he must suck less than Drake Fong?


Drake was my first 5*. Got him when he was the HOTM. Now, he’s smashing at +20 and I take him everywhere. Got so used with him that it’s strange when I gotta fight without him.

I see myself doing the same if I pulled Thor. His stats are high, good class (yet a lot of competition for the emblems - but so does Monk Class) and having -40% blindness at Very Fast in this creepy, full of Friggs and other too fast heroes at my side looks like a very good idea. For me he’s well balanced and fits well inside the game just like it should be.


Exactly what I was thinking and Drake Fong is an excellent Holy Hero. Anyone know how long it takes to get to the 2nd Charge? Would it be the equivalent to Fast Speed?

I have both and am really enjoying playing with Thor. the 40% blind is really effective, especially at the second and third charge. and with a mana troop it’s easy to get him charged 3-4 times a match on decent boards.

it’s technically 12 tiles I think by the time you’ve hit the first and continue to the second charge, unless you ghost. But you have to remember that is after already hitting once. So it’s not quite the same as being a slow hero. that first charge hits tank or flank and blinds as needed and then by the time you hit with other heroes to finish damage he is already on his second round to hit again but this time hitting up to 3

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Discounting potential dead enemies

Drake hits twice:
4-6 heroes blinded

Thor hits twice:
3-4 heroes blinded

After that.
The match is over :wink:

not quite though. drake hits twice at 18 tiles, and thor hits 3 times at 18 tiles.
but I do agree with the match is over part lol.


18 tiles? If we’re not counting mana troops it’s not 18 for Thor to fire three times, it’s 21.

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Mana on defense works very differently than offense. I would not be using Thor on offense except in the Challenge Events and the Ninja Tower.

On defense, I would expect him to perform better than Drake.

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I had forgotten it is 6.5 tiles without mana troop. So I think it’s actually 19.5 total for third charge. With a mana troop 18.

I don’t know the rates for defense if they are different. But if they are I would guess they are probably slightly faster

Thor is just another Mica from ninja?? we dont c many action from mica in top 100 alliances , and thor will be the same :disappointed: :sob: :sob:

When a cascade dumps tiles.
Ninjas continue charging.
Thor does not


I also forgot that fast speed is only eight tiles without a mana troop So Drake would hit twice in 16 not 18 like I thought.

So disregard my comparison then. :slight_smile:

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Don’t understand the Thor hate — his baseline is in Malosi’s neighborhood…

sure — his lightning attack should charge my phone…

But have to leave something for his costume…

Of the handful of VF heroes — 3 are yellow that stack pretty well together…

It’s weird to see a bunch of nerf threads followed by a buff Thor thread … like it’s a disappointment that he doesn’t break the game 15 minutes after he’s introduced.


Maybe I think Thor has drank too much beer and needs to do some sit-ups
I don’t hate Thor. I just like Drake better.

Thor will make some people very happy.

:joy: I dropped the phone here :point_up_2:
Thanks @Vixx


Respectfully, this is a flawed comparison. To compare Drake and Thor on the same terms we have to compare Thor’s second special to Drake. Thor’s second special requires 12 tiles, so it’s marginally better than Drake but Drake is firing at fast while Thor will be essentially slow.

It’s just an oversimplification to call Thor “very fast” since realistically he has three specials at three different speeds—very fast, slow, and super slow.


True, but he gets to fire them all on the way to the “super slow” one. His super slow special is essentially hit tank at 840%, hit flanks at 560%, and hit wings at 280%…blinding along the way. That’s assuming all are alive on the 3rd special. Shift numbers around if counting on dead heroes as you go (which you have to).

Then add in Neith for a trifecta that’s way more powerful than a Vela/Tell combo pre pre nerf Looking forward to running this in a 3/2 for wars

You can’t add the percentages, unfortunately. The way the damage is calculated, 3 hits at 280% damage is much less than one hit at 840%.

I get what you’re saying but that point needed to be made.


If he didn’t come out after the ninjas he’d look a lot better. His special mechanic resembles the ninjas more closely than anything else, but in that sense, Thor is decidedly worse than the ninjas in many ways.

I’m not trying to make anyone with Thor feel bad. I just feel bothered by how much SG shortchanged the players by releasing such an unremarkable hero. I just wish everyone who got Thor got something a bit better.


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