Thor Special

Hi I noticed that the special descriptions for Thor are all the same regardless of charge. All three are exactly the same. Am I reading that wrong?

They are different, % are the same but first time he hit 1, second time he hit 3, last time he hit all


1st charge just damages the target, 2nd charge damages target and nearby. 3rd charge hits all.

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Ah ok. Got it. Haven’t got to play a hero with this kind of special attack, so this makes sense now. You got to charge it 3x for max effect. That’s if you survive that long! Guess this is where combos can make big difference in a battle.


The knock on thor is that after the 3rd charge, he goes back to his 1st charge i believe…


That’s like getting an extra arm to attack with but at the same time loosing an eye to help you aim?! That could make combos a problem. I have Shale. Is the ninjas special affected the same way? Can it roll over from 3 back to 1?

Yes, you do.
Its always 1st charge > cast the skill > 2nd charge > cast the skill > 3rd charge > cast the skill > back to 1st charge and repeat.
Thor is just a shadow what he should be.

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Thor is different from the ninjas. The ninjas are essentially overcharged. You can fill up their mana bar 3x over. You can fill their mana bar once, and not fire the special.

Thor food his mana bar, then fires and hits one target. Then he fills up his mana bar again and hits 3. Them he fills his bar a 3rd time and his all. I have to keep checking to see where he is at, so I know who to target.


Nooo… At 1st he hit only one target, at 2nd he hit target and near by enemy, at 3rd he hit whole team with same 280% atk & - 40 accuracy

Yes…The charge formats reset again after 3rd round

I think thor was mugged off lol tbh and just my opinion they could hav done much better with him but because of how badly they made thor he not a grate hero.

The opponents lose accuracy, surely, not Thor himself?

I’m not saying he’s great (don’t have him but people I respect aren’t overwhelmed by him) but he does have one advantage over ninjas, which is that he fires when he’s got full mana and then starts saving up for the second level. If ninjas fire they use up their mana charge and then have to start again from scratch. I suspect they tuned Thor down because otherwise he’d completely outshine the ninjas.

Ninja are overpowered SG went a bit overboard with a couple it’s always a worry when going up against them . where as thor was just not built right when I see him I’m like meh ill get rid of him before he in danger mode lol.

Same here, and fair comment (Cobalt and Onyx, #shudder). I don’t think defence is what Thor does best anyway.