Thor needs a big buff

Mana control is an option…plus blindness much…But definetly mana control or a small amount of mana for allies

He already blinds 40%.

So you could use him to hit frigg, making her less effective. In the meantime draining tiles for Odin. Second time around hit both frigg and Odin and blind them both if the tank is still alive (good chance of killing the tank in the process).
The blinds help you to survive through to the third hit where everyone gets a whack
Seems pretty decent to me


Lol those stats are way too high for this version of Thor which we can perhaps call “Thoreo”


I was facing a highly elite team there. Think about how different it is with Odin on the flank. Thor shouldn’t be significantly worse than a hero from the same season. Thor is the celebrity of Norse mythology and he’s seriously weak.


With all due respect, I Dont agree with OP and @Mr.Spock. If I am not mistaken, there will be a new S3 hero appearing on the horizon, probably next month, if SG is to copy the template they made on S2. I am not just sure who that new hero may be. I don’t think he is the celebrity hero like Ursena was in S2.

Having said that, Thor is a powerful hero. His attack stat is way better than Justice, whose special fire almost at the same time when Thor’s 3rd special usage is up. Thor is squishy if compared to Justice, but I still want to have the god of thunder as his potency is very much improved by my Gazelle. I have 21 darts standing by.

For those players with deep pockets and deep roster, Thor offers nothing much significance. But for us players with limited budget and limited roster, he is a welcome addition if he happens to land in our lap.


For the love of…

Just because a hero is not broken OP at release doesn’t mean they need a buff. He is fine and balanced, just how it should be.


He’s balanced. We got used with some many OP heroes in last weeks :rofl:
I vote for no buff, he’s okay. There are people outta there infinitely weaker to worry about buffing first.


I don’t see any evidence for Thor being good. What I did see:

  1. there’s another hero coming, but what does that have to do with Thor?

  2. Thor is better than Justice, kinda?

  3. Thor is better with Gazelle. Nearly everyone is better with Gazelle.

So, I stand by my opinion that Thor is a weak hero.


You don’t think it is disappointing to pull a brand new hero and have them be only be kinda decent? With how low the odds are I think that’s messed up.

No, I did not pull Thor. I don’t want him either. I just want people who did pull him to have something they can feel genuinely excited about.


How annoying buff this one nerf that one… Oh, power creep will ruin the game. I will quit if… :zipper_mouth_face:

Now they release a balanced hero and many of you aren’t satisfied as well.

They should buff all of my heroes and nerf all the others.
That simple… :rofl:


I’d rather fight Thor than any other new hero. Hell, I fear Baldur more than Thor. I fought Thor at +20 with level 30 troops on defense and he hit like a stiff breeze. Now we know why Tyr was smirking, he knew he at least hit harder than Thor :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


We’ll, that’s your opinion. Of course he would be weak, with the money you’ve spent gaining those prized heroes of yours deepening your bench. To be fair, in your video, he was without emblem, but still able to fire at least once.

For most of us, this very fast hero is a prized one. He is neither a broken OP nor a broken UP. He is decent, neither requiring a buff nor a nerf. And that is good for everybody.


If you are a balance merc and draw your nerf sword, then you don’t know how to play.

Nerfs are taboo, so

Be a balance soldier and raise your buff shield, then you’re just… wrong :upside_down_face:

You’re right tho. It’s like a train wreck. You don’t want to look but…
Maybe if I pull my eyeballs out. I will finally attain balance?

Oh man off-topic rant there uh…

Yeah it really is a bit soon to tell. Let’s collect some more data
before taking up arms :+1:

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It means that not every addition to the roster has to be much better than something you already have. Because if it is, we are having serious power creep, imbalance etc. Isn’t that the reason so many players are leaving? :joy:


We all witnessed how you were excited about Frigg’s greatness… Turned out, she’s (slightly) overpowered. Are we there? Excited only if it’s perhaps too great? :slight_smile:


I have Thor leveled with 3 emblem nodes and I’m really enjoying him. And I’ve got a pretty deep bench with a Drake +20 and a Poseidon +19 and CJoon +7 among my yellows. Went raiding with him and was easily able to get him charged 3-4 times in several matches. I would say he is a strong hero. Not OP but definitely not weak or needing a buff. Would he be great on defense? Not sure yet and I plan on trying him, but he shines on offense for sure. His 40% blind at vfast speed is significant. Sure the blind special is a staple for yellows and isn’t game changing or exciting, but it’s still really effective regardless. For reference I raid in high diamond on teams 4500+ for 75% of my matches.


Thor is an offensive hero…he’s pretty decent with VF mana and an increasingly useful special as he fires it. Thor is not a defensive hero. Don’t judge a heroes usefulness based on defense alone. I’d level him if I pulled him.


Thor = Mica we wont c any any action from him it he doesnt get buffed…pathetic :sob: :sob:

Drake Fong is generally regarded as a good hero. But he loses stat-wise to Thor. Thor also edges Drake on mana speed and damage multiplier from specials. I hate to say this as a mono-user, but Thor’s realm bonus is superior to Drake’s Element Link by reason that it can be increased if you have other heroes of the same realm and it applies not only to all allies regardless of element, unlike Drake’s EL which is applicable only to holy allies.

THOR NEEDS A BIG NERF !! That is what we should have called for.


He was at +20 in my video with a level 30 troop. That’s literally as good as he gets, especially with a 20% defense bonus.

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