Thor needs a big buff

Thanks for your replies guys. I really appteciate that someone enriches my comments by giving responses.

My focus in my post was not related to that movie star role. I compared him with the main actors of the other maps. It is where my question mark rises.

Thor is not weak and he is effective in offence once he is coupled with Malosi.

It is really difficult to increase the level of troops. It is more difficult than ascending heroes in my opinion. In the case with Malosi, both troops must be at least 11 lvl and they both must mana booster. I believe that as we compare heroes, we should consider them the way they are. Otherwise 30 lvl mana booster troops sweep out the discussion :smile: No?

In my opinion SG left a significant margin of buff for his costume (I do not know when he is released) and SG were concerned about OP heroes that have just been released in the 3rd map and decided to shape Thor’s special skill in way that he is good (maybe more of it with Malosi) and average (maybe less of this level) in defence.

Overally I am inclined for a small buff to his 1st charge (blinding percentage could be increased and/or dmg could be increased) to make him more attractive. Otherwise, as long as Malosi and two 11 lvl mana boosters are not around for him, he will not disappear in use particularly after the opening of the 4th map even though he has just been released.

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@JekylandHyde didn’t use Malosi:

He didn’t use Drake either :joy:
I can see that Malosi would be a nice fit for raiding though.

Why say that?

So if a hero is called “The Red Button
Or if a hero is called “Launch Codes
They should be OP and break the game?

Once saturation’s form, Launch Codes will get nerfed…

Thor is getting love from all kinds of players. And also not breaking the game!
Good job SG

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So, I hardly see myself as a Thor champion. In fact mine is just 3-31 right now LOL. But took him anyway in a raid against a 4696 almost fully emblemed team.

His one-hit blind basically saved the Raid when it caused Alfrike to miss Ariel, and he did fire quite a few times after that. Could have been over quicker but at 3-31 he just wasn’t doing much damage. :grin:

3-2 Yellow Blue with Ariel and cVivica.


It is worth noting that I will be using Thor much more when I grab C. Leonidas and a better DD for Holy. W. Rabbit and G. Jackal are not sufficient as they both only DD/EDD one enemy.

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Getting a lvl 11 mana troop is about 50,000 times easier then pulling thor…and if you’re maxing thor odds are you already have a lvl 11+ holy mana troop.

I have a lvl 15, 6 & 7 holy mana troops and I’m currently focusing on bringing the lvl 7 to 11 and it is going much quicker than trying to lvl that lvl 15 troop.

Thor is a effective either with other VF (malosi/jackal) or AOEs (mist/odin) or as a side piece to just spread blindness around

Sure…a true fact… a c.leonidas ll be a pansament

I also won, it is just horrible, a Leonidas or a Justice has more usefulness, for me if I already exchanged mana for charge just like ninjas would be more useful and carrying faster

Decided to take the plunge and level Thor over Uraeus (hoo boy do I regret maxing Owl right now).

Here he is at 4-1 … not bad IMHO.


Yeah he’s a solid hero. I’ve not used him in the ninja tower yet but by the time he gets to the bosses he will have easily gone throuh his steps and is gonna be a brute. My first comment on him stated he was my 3rd favorite hero but I have to revise that statement he’s an absolute monster especially paired with Neith (a hero a am also gaining more respect for)


Go tap on your profile and you’ll be prompted by a bot to learn these types of things… Gd luck.

Having said this, since the introduction of DT formations, I might consider levelling him. Against a double or reverse double formation he hits all on his second and third strike. Given he reduces accuracy and is very fast, he seems to have a bit more to offer on an AT in this scenario.

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