Thor needs a big buff

players saying he is bad have two wrong misconceptions:

1- they judge him based being on raid defense which is wrong. thor is pure attack hero and will perform badly on defense.

2- compare him with ninjas wrong. if thor is a ninja, he should be looked at right:

charge 1: 280% damage and 40% blind to 1 target

charge 2: 560% damage to target and 280% to nearby with 40% blind

charge 3: 840% to target!, 580% to nearby and 280% to the rest with 40% blind

thor seems to be lacking because players have to use it the first time to reach 2 and 3

if cobalt was like thor he will have:
290% first fire.
35% to target and 325% to nearby on the second fire.
35% to target and nearby and 360% to the rest

now you think thor is a worse ninja?
he is very underrated


Your evaluation is not right and based on your assumptions. Let’s compare him with Justice /o costume. With stones she fires. 240% damage, 40% blind to 5 enemies. What does Thor do with 12 stones? I take into account only the very first stones which are basically the most important ones in raids. Thor fires (lvl 11 troop assumption!) twice with 280% damage, 40% blind to “4 enemies”. The number of the enemies may decrease if he hits to one of the wings in his 2nd charge! He is even worse than Justice whom almost none top players picks! That’s my point. This is mathematics. This guy deserves more desire to play with. His mana speed is delusive.

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the same thing can be said about justice not hitting all targets.

i stated pure numbers and thor does almost the same total damage as justice when he reach 12 tiles (1120% damage vs 1200%) and he hits 4 meaning more focused damage and has higher base attack stat.

basically thore is better as he keeps firing more totalling more damage as the fight goes and he is faster.

kage and quintus are similar. who do you think is better in damage?
at 12 tiles quintus does more damage (1350% and kage 900% at best and 450% at worst)

why is kage commonly used more? because of dispel and being faster.
you get better advantage when you can selectively do damage early compared to similar/higher damage later

my assessment is strictly for raids as in everything else you have access to items


Thank you for your reply and attention.
The thing in raids is not to give a space to breathe to the opponent initially. Kage gives %450 damage which is awesome and not comparable with that of Thor. Thor always hits softly the opponents and this provides the space and time to recover. In other words, without paring him with Malosi he is way useless than other 3rd map heroes. Malosi + Thor make almost a hero. If it is ok, then Thor is ok. After the 3rd charge, he goes back to the 1st charge where he starts to hit softly one by one to wake up the enemies :))

I have Thor and honestly his damage is to low, i love how is work but against some defence he is useless, many times his last ability is not necessary (but is just my opinion, i respect who like him because always depends about the level or roster of the player) … His blind ability is really good but we have a lot of heroes already and you can’t use together for exemple…and if i compare him with the other’s Valhalla heroes is like after Frigg, Odin SG was worried to have another hero to nerf in case… My suggestion is 300,320,350 att damage… :slightly_smiling_face:

So Noms and Fenrir? are better? I could argue the case for more heroes than that, but it gets very subjective so I just wanted to make a blanket point

Thor may not be the hardest hitter but nobody else has a blind at VF. That can prove invaluable as it gives you one tool to use against Frigg and Odin early on. That buys you time until the next hit when his special would often be ready to use against Frigg/Odin and wings. He is very much a precision tool, not (ironically) a hammer.

I would actually argue that he would fit very nicely into a rainbow team. Rainbow teams are all about having a good balance of healers, mana and other special control heroes, and hitters. I would very happily slot him into the yellow position where he would work alongside Zocc where both interfere with the most powerful enemy specials whilst also doing damage (Thor more so) whilst other heroes heal and then one or 2 heroes hit. I think it would work very well. As mentioned Malsoi would also pair very well with him - 6 tiles and you can greatly interfere with 2 specials which gives you a chance to power up your other heroes.

Much as with Myztero, I’d love the chance to get him so I can start to prove people wrong (the gods heard me when I said this for Myztero, hopefully the same will happen in the next portal…)


I’ve been raiding with him since yesterday, he is currently at 3/52 and as part of a 4050 TP thor is playing an integral role in winning the vast majority of these raids


Share video please, so that your claim becomes convincing. There is a video of his play above where his hits are pathetic. This is mathematics dear friend. Just stated my argument with numbers comparing him with Justice. Thor should have damage more than 280% obviously. I don’t understand what you are trying to prove. You could show me videos where the map is full of yellow stones and you make it through. Under the same circumstances with a simple math Justice without costume is better than Thor.

With the same logic, what does Justice to with 6 tiles? What does Justice do with 18 tiles?


Each hit from Thor = 280% * 749 = 2097
Each hit from Justice = 280% * 609 = 1705

By the time 12 tiles have rolled by (assume he has a level 11 mana troop) Thor has hit 4 * 2097 = 8388 to Justice’s 5 * 1705 = 8525 - almost identical. The difference being, the first hit will most likely have had great stratic effect to help the survivability of the team to get to the second hit. By the time the next hit happens (and with certain teams - particularly where I go towards rainbow - I see 18 tiles+ ALL THE TIME) It will be 9 * 2097 = 18873 damgae to Justice’s 8525. Even if you manage to stretch it out to 24 tiles - Thor will be 10 * 2097 = 20970 vs Justice 10 * 1705 = 17050. So Thor wins at tiers 1, 3 and 4. And even at tier 2 it is very slight damage-wise, with Thor having the win utility-wise

Shall we look at the other factors apart from pure damage?

Both blinds at 40%, draw
justice defence = 776 and health = 1425 vs Thor 735 and 1394 - low-medium advantage to Justice

Class fighter vs paladin - a bit subjective. Paladin tends to be most useful for tanking, whereas fighter is generally considered better in all other roles. I’d give the edge to Thor

Midgard bonus: Thor obviously, Justice has no other bonus to give

The other factor as has been covered is Thor’s impact from mid to late game will often be increased as the chances of ghosting tiles increase. So he could fire at tier 2 after 9 tiles, or tier 3 after 15 tiles. The ability to repeat fire after single matches is a huge boost and Justice simply wouldn’t be able to keep up.

So in conclusion, Justice wins… in VF tournies and wars.

Everywhere else, it is Thor hands down. Using both maths and logic and extrapolation when looking at his support and utility


Finally got my Thor to 4.80.

Here’s example video of how he performs in offense. I have couple similar videos and can continue to share if needed. He does not have any emblems yet as of when the video was recorded.

Tell me that’s on par or worse than Justice


The video is really really nice but honestly his damage is too low… He don’t kill Finley and we had a lot of heroes with blind ability :thinking:… Drake have the same damage against 3 and with mana troops will be a very fast… I compare with the other’s Valhalla heroes that are so great… But is just my opinion, nothing against, i respect who like Thor :smiley:

Great video. Really showcases:

  • How often he hits and how quickly he recharges
  • How easy and useful it was to ghost with him
  • How much damage he can cumulatively do, especially when synergised well
  • How important that damage he does is (in terms of finishing off opposing heroes)
  • How useful the blind is early

As an aside your choice of tile movements was almost identical to what I would have done

He will never be as fast as Thor, he will never be able to be able to charge up with 3 ghosted tiles. And he would not have had nearly the same impact in that match


With the emblems I can still boost his attack by about +100, so that can be higher. Note it’s +0 fighting +20 defense.

Besides, 50 or 100 damage dealt more is not as substantial as the 40% blind that goes with it. And he can inflict blindness pretty often on whoever needs to be blinded at that moment. The rest of the team can deal finishing blows. (and btw that Finley would have died if I cared enough at that point to fire Vivica first, the match was over anyway so consider that ‘lazy error’ on my end).


Im happy to finally received s3 legendary, which happened to be Thor. I don’t like the way they handled his mana though, he should have been charging like ninjas and provide a new special lightning ailment.

Im a bit angry that he looks underwhelming next to Odin, Frigg and Loki. I blame all those people calling constantly for nerfs… SG heard it and now in fear they released class B hero. Last card of the season was supposed to be strong… now watch them release s3 dragon boss doing 1k damage to all to fix their mistake :roll_eyes:

Hoping for a small buff though not expecting it. I guess I will start saving emblems to boost his attack.

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280% damage causes 300-ish damage. It is 1/5 of health of regular hero at max. He needs to hit the same hero at least 5 times to kill. He is not a sniper surely so it is unexpectable. However, he bits like a fly at his first charge and his success too conditional. Therefore, I don’t focus on this charge as I compare. In defense he will be useless. In offense he is supposed to give damage with bites but overally he is weaker than Justice. Here we can compare him with Justice without costume. This should be itself enough to prove that he is a weak prime 3rd map hero. Without a pair like Malosi he is underwhelming. In videos his success depends too much in his teammates. Gelfjon, Frigg, Odin, Skadi, Heimdall etc tell me please which one requires a mate? The recently released heros have been too strong that they had to debuff one hero for a variety and reducing the risk of Telluria-like case.

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Oh my god… so many inaccuracies… where to begin?

It is debatable, but read this review particularly in regards to him on defense

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Three tiers of wrong. And I proved it above.

This is what synergies are all about - the whole being greater than the sum. He is fine without Malosi, and better with him.


Ok… let’s go:
Gefjon: Hits great, but can’t kill with a single hit. Ever. Needs to be work with a second sniper, or a debuffer/buffer to be able to take out an opponent

Frigg: Nice fast hit with debuff… but what then? Other heroes need to hit after her to finish off enemies

Odin: Nice fast hit with mana up - but mana up is useless without other heroes to charge up to hit afterwards, isn’t it?

Skadi: My favourite hero of all time. But guess what? Against Bera/Freya/Noor tanks her hit has a low chance of taking out the minions and inflicting the stack (I have my Skadi at +20 emblems, and all attack path. So I know). Her best synergy is with C Kiril who can debuff the tank so that her hit guarantees a decent stack. But you know what? If there are not other support heroes keeping these 2 alive, then she can’t hit to inflict the stack in the first place… or the team can’t live long enough for the stack to kill off the enemy

Heimdall: The worst example of your many bad examples. He revives and boosts attack and heals. THAT WILL NEVER WIN A RAID BY ITSELF. He is a SUPPORT hero for other heroes who will win the match for you!


… happy that he say that, the damage is light :slightly_smiling_face:

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You have proved nothing but his first charge damage is too weak, he requires a support hero like Malosi and to be effective (biting more heros) he requires 16-17 stones. Then he goes back to single biting :slight_smile: I mentioned Heimdall because he is of the best ones in his field. I exemplified other heros because their damage is significant. I know very well that their single hit can not fall a fully healthy hero, they leave a portion for a bite by Thor. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Dear if 40% blindness is that effective, why don’t we see Justice around? Even Thor blinds less number of enemies with 12 stones. Plus blindness is easy to be cleansed by 16-17 stones. I don’t pay attention to it. This ability is too conditional. Please mention mathematics. This game is all about it.


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