Thor, Hella, Odin, Loki

How do You thin, about Loki I’m all ready understand that he will be in game. Its not a secret, that he appears after 3 levels of new season.
What if Hella will be dark, but like Elena with costume? After the movie I think so. But shooter.
What if Thor is gonna be Blue avarage 3 persons attacker with DOT of lightenings after?
What if Odin will be helpful striker like Posseidon?
What if Loki will be Dark two??
Do You have any ideas whom the gonna be like? And what will they do?

chill, my friend… information will come out as it becomes available. Our good friend, @zephyr1 will make sure of that.


While Loki has appeared in the storyline briefly, he isn’t actually a card/ hero in the game… YET

None of the four heroes you’ve listed have appeared in Beta as heroes (yet). As such, nobody knows what they will look like in terms of colours, skills, classes or even their stats…

As @Guy said, when they do get developed and beta tested, information will be added to the #beta-beat threads so stay tuned to them.

As they haven’t appeared in this current Testing (V28 or V28.1) I’m guessing that they won’t be tested/ developed for at least another month.


I understand, Imagination of thousands can basically change future)

Well, Thor’s secret cousin, Thorne, is already an in-game hero. I wouldn’t be surprised if Thor himself becomes a hero as well.

Let’s just hope the design inspiration will be Chris Hemsworth in the first movie…


I hope Odin is the new 2* version of Aife…we have a shortage of original 2* heroes.


Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t Hel (the HoTM) already available? The Hela in the Marvel Movies is kind of based off of Hel in Norse Mythology. If so, I kind of doubt they’d do anything like buff her by giving her Realm bonuses. If Poseidon’s introduction was any indication, after he was introduced (given the Atlantis Family bonus), nothing was really done with Athena or Ares (like getting Olympian family bonuses or something). Or perhaps HoTMs are existing in a totally different plane than the other heroes.

I hope Odin will be that arm crusher, that breaks all kind of colores of armor, like -Jakal, Falcon, Arthur, Evelyn andPanther- All in one)

Whom this can be?)

Hopefully SGG bases S3 on Norse mythology, not on some movie which uses some Norse names.

Loki seems to be inspired by Tom Hiddleston at least though. Also many of game heroes are obvious references to some movies, for example Pirates of Cornelia (Kestrel being a reference to Sparrow and Marie-Thérèse to Calypso) and don’t tell me Friar Tuck’s costume isn’t inspired from Jumanji movie.

Odin will likely come, remember that Poseidon didn’t appear until late in the game either. Ursena ditto (who looks to be prettier Ursula, by the way). Asgard is not in game even shown for now except something swirling in the middle, so probably they appear together, and Thor ans Hela probably as well. They also may be some heavy spoiler.

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Well, the Beta of several has begun, and even the actual Loki’s have started appearing. Lady Loki is out, Dude Loki is in Beta. Same for Thor and Odin. And a few others who shall as yet remain nameless. I wont post a screenshot of a card, especially since there is near zero chance the card is accurate at this early stage, changes always come. And for those who have bemoaned the absolute wasteland that is red snipers, your prayers may be answered soon. Gefjon will be Marjanna 2.0 with a small twist. But finally some love for red! I am amused that HEL is mentioned so prominently in the storyline, yet shes actually been out for 3 years. I do wonder if she will by any chance get a boost or a tweak at some point and be re-released as the general rule has been the stats and abilities of season 2 and later season 3 usually raise the bar consistently over heroes past.

Who is hella ? …

Hela is the last boss

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For S3 ? …

Yup she is the secret last boss of s3. The same like ursena as secret last boss on s2.

Hela is super powerful

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Did u see her ? I thought S3 last boss is dragon

No. Hela is the last boss (actually the dragon turns into her when u kill her dragon shape). Hela is super powerful with the super ability to remove one opponent from the battlefield. The mana is very slow though… but she can get rid any opponent she wants. Insanely OP and no hero can counter her. U must kill her before she charges 5 times and remove all ur heroes from the battlefield.

Nope revive scroll doesn’t work as ur heroes are removed and not killed.

“Black hole” is the name of her specials.

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