This should bother you SG


He player for years. Played for free…he was someone fun to talk to. Good job SG. Before you know it… only whales who spend will be left. They needed help with a rare titan. I got back on…pathetic.


Hope he finds something more fun… it can be disheartening, with such low odds for getting something good… :frowning:


Low odds? If the game is F2P then the odds should be “high.” We all know the statistics but this is sad. I played with him for years… the “low odds” only increase if you spend hundreds…small giant shoud be embarassed.

It took you four years to figure out that you had to spend money? Wow.


No. What does 4 years have to do anything with what I just said? I can afford my life. My choices are my choices. But, this was a F2P member and was loyal. Stick to the actual topic.


Sorry… misread “for years” as “four years”. My bad. Still. You have to have realised that people who spend on this game will have an advantage. Complaining about that at this stage is just ranting. What I find neat about this game is that you can fight at your level and enjoy it. You don’t have to compete with players who spend. Just play the game at the level you’re at and see what you can do.


Where is his complaint about spenders? He just wanted SOMETHING as a free player and got nothing for 4* and 5* from the new events. That is due to how bad the odds are, of course spenders will have more, but the ability to grind and earn summons should occasionally reward a player as well.


Developpers will never make this game easier for f2p
This game is a money grab and it works fine for them,this community is full of whales so i dont see developpers changing anything in terms of quality of life soon
Ps:im f2p i play for fun,he shouldnt expect to be competitive …he cant compete with rich people unless he becomes rich.


This is a post about a veteran player leaving, no need to be so rude, it should be sad that the game is losing more players, even the spenders should want these people in to help the % based rankings. A healthy player base also helps them too.


Posting that they’re leaving because they had a string of bad luck isn’t “helping”.

I really wish I knew what competitive meant

I don’t think this will bother SG. This isn’t the first nor will it be the last someone will say something similar and quit.


i only see good things: someone doesn’t feel ok anymore playing the game and decides to quit to feel better doing something else.

@Jerry3 your alliance member/mate will feel better outside your alliance or not talking to you about the game - you should feel happy for him/you/alliance, not bad for you/him.


F2P in this game is like a being a 5’9" player in the NBA.


Sorry to read that you lost a long time buddy. This game is not f2p friendly, never was.

I hope your buddy finds a more f2p friendly game.


" This should bother you SG"

SG is not a person…
It’s a for profit company…
Wrong expectations :frowning:

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I am so glad someone finally understands and is competent enough to read and comprehend. Thank you for dumbing it down for these fleshsuits.

Me too, but spending a couple years on a game and putting in the grind time deserves a few solid heros. He was a good one. I will miss our chats.

I agree with you. However, he spent hundreds of wasted hours when SG can just stop being stingy and reward grinders to keep them happy. I am a simple human… if they try and try and try… give them a reward. Not a bane.

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Last Halloween I cashed in a year’s worth of epic tokens and all I had to show for it was Frank. Coupled with bad luck elsewhere, and my participation definitely started to slide. It was only some dumb luck Dec/Jan that got me involved.

RNG is RNG, but it does feel like this game needs an (infrequent) means to get specific crew to ensure an RNG drought won’t keep you down too long. Especially given how large the pool is now.

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