This seems problematic in the Raid Tournament

In the current raid tournament, I was offered a very weak team on day four. To be clear, I do not object to the player fielding that defense. Based on their player level and trophy count it is very likely they have stronger heroes, even if they have been largely ignoring the three star tournaments. I find it likely that they are experimenting in getting the sorts of draws / defense grade they want, and given how problematic matchmaking has been, I regard that as a valid strategy.

The problem is the point total I was offered for beating this team. It is the third team here, with the thunder horse avatar. 509 points, in line with the other attacks I made that day, which were against heavily emblemed teams.

Needless to say, I fought the team (and won), since I had no other option. But I don’t feel good about it. It was basically a free win at a point when I was clearly struggling to win, and 500 points that I didn’t really earn. Mods, please move / merge / re-title, if you see fit; I wasn’t really sure where to put this.


Wow, why can’t I find that? All of find are heavily emblemed teams and red boards :frowning:


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