This "next skip" thing is annoying

I don’t understand these timers. Why do they have these?

I don’t like wasting my world energy/raid energy & killing all these monsters/heroes and not getting credit for it. I thought they wanted ppl to play. I spent 100 of my gems buying world energy & now I’m just sitting here. I would probably spend more $$ a month (over the $5 budget I’ve set for myself) if they wouldn’t have these annoying timers.

This is to avoid people skipping 100 chests in a row to load up on goodies. Like it or not, it’s been here forever.


100 chests in a row!!! OMG! I just wanted to skip 1 or 2. Maybe they could hand out chest tickets like they do those loot tickets or something. That would be nice.

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You do get two or three skips within a certain time frame. I skip the raid one every day, occasionally the hero one.



Maybe I don’t notice. I’ll start paying attention more. I only notice when I’m waiting LOL

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