This new formation thing is a tax on new players

My SH is at level 23, will probably need another 2+ months to reach 25 and enable Hero Academy.

I am at 2100 +/- cups in raids and constantly facing opponents that are 600-800 TP higher than me.
With 3-2, 4-1 team, or a little food for reroll, I am able to camp there for a while and sometimes approaching 2300+, looking forward to the Diamond level.

But this new formation is getting me frustrated. Many times, I jumped into fight without checking opponents’ formation and end up finding the middle one hiding in behind. My counter color team became totally useless. Even if I notice the formation, it is really hard to beat the heroes on the two sides since there are only 2 columns of shields can be used to attack them. Meanwhile, I don’t have time and resources to invest in troops yet, there is very low chance that I can use my hero skills before they fire off. The only thing I reply on most of the time against these higher TP teams are the shields. Now this is seriously crippled.

I would say this new formation is a good try. But it is really not friendly to new players.

Listen, SG. If you want to roll out this officially, you shall introduce some sort of token to allow people to change their team formation and SELL THE TOKENS IN THE SHOP!

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