This Morning's 500 Gem Deal Thanks & an Idea

There have been many laments written about fine gloves, and last night I wrote a post asking who of three heroes deserved my lone pair. So I was thrilled to awaken to the fine gloves offer for 500 gems.

Thank you SG!!!

I was thinking that I would like it better if chests, etc included more gems and coins and keep the ascension mats where they are, but give us more frequent low gem cost, specific offers like this so those who need gloves can buy them, but those who need Damascus blades, warm capes, etc. can periodically buy them with gems, too. Have the gem purchasable rare mats in opposition to the ones available in the challenge that month; so if gloves are available in the challenge, have a deal available to purchase with gems for compasses.

This game is plenty random with tiles & summonses. Allowing some predictability with ability to make gem purchases would be a measure of good faith and hopefully restore faith that SG/ Zynga has the players’ best interests in mind. It would be good for P2P& F2P players because P2P can always buy gems. It would also make mats available in a measured way so they were still worthwhile.

The only downside I can think of is that it would remove a constant source of humor and common frustration :slightly_smiling_face:.

What do you think?

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