This means WAR! Crystal Palace vs Seven Days Departed

We definitely didn’t target “soft targets” :slight_smile: there is no such thing with you guys.

To give peeps an idea, this war has 47 Guin tanks out of 60 defenses. 25 CP and 22 7DD. The rest are either Delilah (7), Drake (5) or Justice (1). These wars aren’t for the faint of heart.


bretty’s Justice… grr I hate her!

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If you have a min, can you explain while full alliances sync their tank color up?

Ha thats why I use ’

The main difference is troops / flanking heroes.

But as you said there is not a soft target on the field and every hit counts.

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its to force attackers into suboptimal lineups.
E.g. Say i have 30 maxed 5* and 4* heroes. If the opponent has all yellow tanks then

  • i would want to color stack purple heroes against them so i can kill the tank early and gain an advantage to ghost tiles and charge my heroes.
  • Say i have 8 total maxed purple heroes. If i want to use a 3/2 setup on offense then i can really only make 2 teams with 3 purple heroes, the 3rd will have 2 purple heroes and the other 3 will have no purple hereos. So I am forcing a less then ideal attacking setup on 3 out of 6 attacks.

That being said, the top has very deep benches and plenty of heroes to be able to color stack effectively for every hit. Even so, you want to sync up tank color always so people cannot use their benches as effectively as they would like to. Right now we are on yellow because of Guin being the “best” war tank.


Ahhh that makes sense, seeing that the defenses don’t change the later hits will have less purple stacks to go against guin and delilah. Does your alliance encourage/enforce the need to have a yellow tank?Thanks for the explanation.

We do enforce same color tanks. These days thats Yellow. It has forced some people into less then ideal defenses, but at the end of the day, thats what the alliance needs in order for the strategy to work. Even 1 different color tank gives an outlet for attackers to use their different heroes on them. Anchor was actually forced to use a Joon tank for a loooong time until he got Drake. And Joon is a horrible tank!


Agreed. Taking yellow heroes vs a guin tank is extremely difficult. If there was a different tank color other than yellow I would use my yellow heroes on that tank. I’m forced to either not use my yellow heroes or go for a tough hit.

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Just caught your stream for the first time, just wanted to say awesome job, and thanks sharing, I’m still newish to the game (level 28) and its inspiring to see an inside view of two alliances i look up to duking it out!!


That stinks, gives alot less incentive to use 20% of your roster :confused: yellow is my favorite color so far.

I am sitting on 22 darts at the moment and no clue when I will use any of them due to this same issue

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Lol… that’s interesting news. I’m gonna present this as evidence when I’m forced to field my joon tank. It’s either that or my wu as tank.


well that wasn’t a very exciting war for an outsider… congrats on the serious butt kicking 7dd.


Considering both alliances scored over 6k, the score difference probably hide how close it could have been. Everone was going for one hit kills and it just didn’t work out well for CP it seems.

Though Dator did totally absolutely whiff on that ares special. Tough luck but made me feel better tbh. It’s a shame we don’t see anything from 7DD’s side cause I don’t think anchor had a video on the war??


not really sure how this was received, but if any other alliances want to track their wars here let me know and I will get a tab set up for you and get you access


So did cp or 7dd win? Any video of it for us to see what giants battle looks like?


If you go to Dator’s youtube channel you can see him doing war hits: @Dator hope you don’t mind me posting the links here

If tou subscribe to his channel you’ll be notified of his (and occasionally UCLA’s) war hits and raids.


I know Alexxcippi also posts his war videos on youtube. He put all of his up. He was the top scorer this time around. He doesn’t have the most maxed heroes by any means but it is always fun to see how he utilizes his heroes and works the boards. I’d recommend checking some of his videos out as well. Poor Dator has been yelled at enough after that Ares mishap lol :wink:

Side note, Anchor usually streams his war hits for the most part I think. Him and zero went 6/6 this one. The boards usually play a huge factor as we’re facing maxed defenses (mainly guin tanks). The luck just was not on our side this time :frowning:


Link, please? Always interested in honing tactics.


This should be the 7dd hits :slight_smile: by Alex


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