This means WAR! Crystal Palace vs Seven Days Departed

We (Crystal Palace) face 7dd every 4th war the way match making currently works, and we always receive a lot of questions from people about how the war is going. In response to that I am going to post a link that people can use to check into the status of the war. Hopefully we do a good job of logging the hits and it stays relatively current. Crystal Assassins will also be logging their hits vs Blazing Dawn if people are interested in following that one as well.

If this is received well Crystal alliances may continue to do this each war ( and potentially other alliances could join in on the same sheet and we could end up with a nice war dashboard). Or, this idea may just be a flop, but we will se how it goes.



Who wants to take the over 80 one shots by CP ?

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Who want to place the first bet?
I’m not Small Giant. I swear i give good odds :face_with_monocle:


I won’t put any bets, but I support Crystal Palace.

Go, go, go!!! Beat 7DD :slight_smile:

actually this was a really bad war to try to do this on… tracking is going to be a Pain

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Rooting for CP…kick 7DD butt!!

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Don’t spoil my profit please!!!

Great idea! We at BD seem to face CA every 4 ish wars as well

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It’s a waiting game right now. Once the ‘soft’ targets respawn it will be intense.

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LOL. No one forced like 8 of your team members to change their name to the same thing. :grinning:

Nope, but they are big boys and girls and can do whatever they want on their accounts.

For sure and a target’s a a target. Was just funny.

Thank you for posting this! It’s a ton of fun to watch.

Any chance of getting a clean version of the spreadsheet that the folks at home could use for their own wars (I tried to search to see if it was already available here, but came up blank)?

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Ho Ho Ho!



Battle of the giants. Please provide battle video

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Bunch of Hos…

They are definitely on course for it. CP wars are always intense and humbling. The sheer power on display never stops amazing me

It will be interesting if both from CP and 7DD side can provide the videoes, many folks here will learn many new things if u guys willing to provide the battle video :grin:


Lol, if I get the time I’ll upload my videos

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If I was going to share it I would need to clean it up a bunch 1st. I will think about it over the next few days

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