This is why Grimble is so underrated

Also @Zathrus
Here is a text-book attack with my current Grimble team and Uraeus charging in time, which doesn’t always happen (Grimble usually charges him up - once I get him to 9 tiles too it might be a bit more common). I got my 9 tiles pretty early so I had the luxury of tile dumping into Bera to squeeze more minions out of her (have to make sure not to kill her, of course)

This strategy works for literally any opposition team with Bera in the middle, including any combination of Odin, Frigg, Finley, Elizabeth, GM, Killhare, etc. With Frigg and Odin there may have to be some additional consideration given to green and yellow tile manipulation but I typically try to take out Odin before Frigg as I there is no chance of wasting specials on him


My new team for minion heavy defenses is c Rigard +20, Domitia +18, Grimble (4/40-ish), Mitsuko +20, JF +20.

Mitsuko is great unless their blue is passive, but I still use her because she’s sturdy as heck and the mana cut is helpful.

Haven’t had a chance yet to try this with Grimble getting the mana troop.

KirilC is nice together with Grimble. Applies the def down without destroying the minions.

A reminder of why he is possibly the most useful hero in the age of bera/Freya tank defenses

He is exceptional as an off color insurance


I just got mine to 4/80 today, after trash talking him for the better part of a year. But the meta changed.

Of course, now with raid formations I haven’t seen a Bera/Frigg tank for a couple days.

How many emblems does your Grimble have? I find the AI doesn’t like my Grimble in war battles and he’s usually the first to fall :sweat:.


The one in the video is +19. I use another in war that is 4/78. Thr stronger one usually goes with the weaker stack.

He is very sturdy but I find at times he is taken out first and that makes me question my decision to go all attack

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yep! I use Vela on my red titan team for that reason, and then started using Grimble on my yellow titan team once I realized he did the same! That 10% pays off more often than you think.

Why didn’t you use your cR before you fire cT and the others?

The best synergy in the game. Alfrike becomes a 9 tile hero if grimble takes out 1 layer of minions.

(Second raid at 1:52)

Alfrike is at 2/52 and will be taken to 3/70 until I get 5 more tabbards. Until then I think I’ll be giving her a run in every raid - she is amazing!

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