This is why Grimble is so underrated

I won’t grill you on how many times you have used Greg but the thing is crit is more or less factored as rng, same as Wu and ranvir. It’s more leaning towards reliability

It is still an elemental link and elemental links shouldn’t outperform skills. 10% might not sound too much, but this stacks with crit troops anyways so it’s not just that measly 10%. You should be using crit troops on a dark stack with grimble to make use of his elemental link

Simple, weak attack…

Shortly: Grimble is more than useful even being at 3.70

He is a part of my anti minion team: cRigard, Freya, Grimble, Zeline, Noor and putting crit troops usually enough to keep him alive

I think if support hero is able to survive enemy sniper attack (Freya and Zeline helps with that) I don’t have to ascend him further allowing me to spend precious tabards on more impactful hero (not that I have such now)

You can grill me :smile: I got him and immediately leveled him when he first came out. So have used him a lot.

Grimble still only adds 10% crit regardless of troops. Whatever I get from my troops I will still get from whatever other hero I use instead.

Don’t really see the point if it comes from a special or an elemental link. Either Grimble adds to my titan damage more then whoever he replaces or he doesn’t. I’m only comparing him to Greg as I have experience with his 30% crit for my titan damage.

Anyway will be happy to try on my next yellow titan at 3.70, not quite fair, but not going to ascend for titans based on my experience with Greg, unless I can see some good damage with him on the team.

I may still take him all the way some day for other uses. Which is why I’m following this thread.

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