This is why Grimble is so underrated

Yeah. Been using this mono purple team a lot recently against teams with 2 or more minion summoners

Basically, Rigard is there to cleanse Telly’s mana slow. Onyx to stop Krampus’s taunt. Failing that, Sabina can dispel. The lineup takes some tiles to get going but I’ve had pretty good results using it.

Got my revenge against this team last night (Took 3 tries though)

I’m about to finish the last node for CVivica, and I might give him the next emblems over Grazul

It will be well worth it to get his emblems all the way up, as you have the level 17 troop to get him to 9 tiles once you have the mana node…

My mana troop is only at 10 so that will take a while

Oh yeah whoops didn’t register that you had a crit troop on him. Oh not even, it’s a 3*. Scratch that then!

Maybe if I get a 2nd mana troop. First priority is to get that one to 11 so that Clarissa fires in 6 tiles

Makes at least 20 senses

This one I agree with! Noor thread…not so much. :laughing:

He already gained that much mana from 8 minions, imagine 15 minions, he can literally use his skill twice back to back without ghosting tiles. This is insane…

They are a package deal… take one take them both

Some facts I discovered while playing:

  • in Rush wars he needs to destroy 8 minions to fully charge the whole team including hisself again given 9% mana bonus

  • he works well with any kind of defence down hero not hitting…this means not destroying the minions… KirilC

  • he works great together with the purple ninjas bringing them to the next charge level quite often making a significant improvement

In last bloody battle he saved my ■■■ once. Some opposing heroes were about to fire. I activated him doing his carnage…charging Athena & Sonya (or Richard :thinking:) and could kill some. I would have surely lost otherwise.

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Please remember that he should be also on your titan team for the 10% critical buff. This also doesn’t hurt in a mono or close to mono stack as well lol.


10% seems too low to me to be worth bothering with for titans.

I’m happy to bring Gregorian with 30% and a higher atk stat then Grimble. But would have to have a poor selection to bring Grimble.

But, look at it another way. if you have both grimble and Gregorian, that would be 40% crit chance already on your dark stack

I have Grimble but still at 3.70 even if i have 33 tabards.
At least thanks to you guys i may now considering ascend him.

His role would be to mana up the team and destroy minion, and that would require him to work alone in a 4-1 stack, or working with slower heroes like Alfrike.
All the others destroy minions if triggered before or waste mana if they are after.
That’s pretty much why i still waiting to ascend him, as i don’t have Alfrike.

But at least i’m considering it.

Year but Gregorian isn’t dark so I wouldn’t use him on a dark stack.

The 30% crit dosn’t make up for having one less in strong color.

My blue team with Miki makes much more damage then my green team with Tarlak and Gregorian despite no crit booster on the blue team.

I am sure there is a math exercise here that can be performed to prove out whether it is better to have an off color 30% crit for all vs an all on color 10% chance for all.

There are a lot of factors in titan play beyond this as well. Bringing up heroes to fire at the same time, survivability, etc.

My perception is that grimble likely has a higher survivability than greg would (I have greg, not grimble). To not have to waste as much time healing helps esp. if you can get a hero to survive two direct shots without dying which I don’t think Greg can do but Grimble may (like I know Ares and others can on 14*).

There is also the stun aspect, the more colors you bring in the less there are to stun (hero missing colors always stun the weak spot, with wu active or not, the other ones can, and do, miss). Counts for something on 14* titans, lol.

If I have Gregorian I will use him in my dark stack, replace him with my ranvir and have it be 4-1 stack. 40% crit is still a lot, and I am really sick seeing the misses. Also depending on how you emblem and crit troops, it can go way more than 40% crit

ROFL. The number of Grimbles charging across the screen depends on the number of minions
Faced a MN - Krampus - Freya - Santa team and with 14 minions on the screen

Grimble 1 and Grimble 2. Please report to aisle 14 for minion cleanup :rofl:

Oh yeah, Krampus’s taunt protects the other minions when it’s active

Edit : and to be clear, I wouldn’t have attempted (or won) this fight without Grimble

I don’t keep track of these things but that may have been my win with the highest TP deficit ever

My point for bring up Greg wasn’t really as whether or not to use him with other colors. I haven’t tried in a long time. Last I tried it just didn’t seem to pay off.

My point was more that I can see my blue team doing much better then my green without the 30% from Greg. The blue teams has miki and -44% def down and the green tarlak, -34% def down and Greg. I could try and go with a -34% down on the blue team to make them more equal (edit: or just not trigger Greg special).

I just don’t think that 10% crit from grimble will make that much difference. Haven’t tried and still holdning grimble at 3.70. Could try at 3.70 on my dark team.

Also you if you are hitting the soft spot you will be getting critical damage regardless of any buff so just “wasted” here.

Year many factors, and a complicated piece of math that would need to take a lot of factors in account. Which other hero are you switching out for Grimble, how many of your tiles are hitting the soft spot. Not something I think I’m going to try and figure out :smile:

My dark team is 4-1 already with miki as the off color.

Without any math and just based on my highest titan scores I’m definitely doing better with my mono teams then where I go 4-1.

As to survivability I’m not on 14* star so you know better then me if and what compromises need to be taken to survive. :grin:

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