This is why Grimble is so underrated

It is definitely playing into his “extended niche” wheelhouse, but it really is impressive just how he not only negates a summoner like Freya at tank, but he turns her special to your benefit. And her being fast, you can get her to do it twice for double the fun…


He was pretty useless one year ago and now…
How things have changed.


Hey Homa! thanks for sharing. Its common on this forum to understimate heroes.

I have a question, do you know , more or less, how much mana the heroes gain from a normal round of killed minions, 5? or if theres an approaching or equivalent in tiles?

Thanks again

My understanding is its equivalent of 0.8 of a tile… so for example a full Freya special would be 0.8 * 5 = 4 tiles…

I feel like Grimble has always provided this niche? He has always served as a great counter towards minion makers he just doesn’t shine against teams that don’t have minions


Its a far bigger niche than it was before. Lots of people parked him when they got him and never brought him out into the light, thinking he was useless. Some have started wondering about him, including myself. I initially had him at +16 or so emblems and ended up stripping him and relegating him to mono purple duty. Upon accidentally summoning another I started thinking about how I could use multiples in war and I realised just how valuable he is with all these strong & fast summoners around.

He was never useless despite the bad press , and now he can be one of the most valuable heroes in a roster when used against the right team setup. Not many people know just how much that is worth, for example vs Freya tank:

1 Grimble hit after 2 Freya specials (best case scenario assuming no minions have been destroyed):

  • 10 minions destroyed, equivalent of 300(ish)*2 = 600 minion damage on each hero + 200ish damage (maxed, unemblemed)
  • 8 tiles charged for all heroes, equivalent of a full charge for a fast hero

I’ve personally had a few people ask me how I find using him in my flagship raiding so I thought I would share a good example


He was my first hotm last year despite playing now for 2.5 years and pulling a decent amount. Happy to have but he wasn’t a utility daily hero. But with valhalla and the recent hotm run of minion generators I am glad I leveled him. A you tuber in my alliance is giving him emblems and he is an OG so I am considering it as well.
I used to use him in wars only or in a raid I couldnt win against a gtv front. But he nice and like people said then, better to have and not need than need and not have. Luckily I have him with glenda my only other hotm


I have fun allowing MN to fire and then sweeping the board clean with Grimble.


He was my first ever 5* when I was still a relative newbie. So I have him fully levelled and partially emblemmed and have never regretted it. He has always been of great use and even more nowadays as has already been mentioned.

Unless I pull Freya or Bera this Valhalla I’m pulling the trigger on Grimble solely for the purpose of war depth. He would not be on my main purple team but it’s good to have an alternate when a minion defense calls for it.

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I think one thing this video makes me think of is using him as the “1” in a 4-1 or 3-1-1 team. I usually have put him in a purple stack, but it’s less effective for me since most of my purples are fast or also average, so usually kill the minions that Grimble would eat. (Now, if I pull an alfrike, it’ll be a different story!)

Going to try this other way, of Grimble with a group of fast heroes.

Side note - he works way better vs Freya than tell, given tell’s mana down I believe impacts how much the goat minion munching gains for you.

Thanks again for the video!

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So, to all Grimble-lovers out there, how do you efficiently maximize him in a team? In a monopurple team, assuming your Grimble is with costumed Domitia, costumed Sartana, costumed Tiburtus and costumed Rigard, in your attempt to match tiles to fill your heroes’ mana, by the time Grimble fills his, all his allies’ mana are also filled. Who’s the hero to be fired first if the enemy has already have their minions? Grimble? But that would would only kill the enemy’s minions and deal minor AOE damage while your other heroes doesn’t benefit from the mana gain since their mana is full. Fire c.Tibs first and then the snipers. But c.Tibs may possibly kill the minions or if not, the snipers can eliminate the minions in their attempt to kill the owner of the minion. Grimble would then be left with few or zero minions, thus, IMHO does not benefit much from the possible mana gained.

Or are you saying that Grimble needs to be accompanied with purple heroes that are slower than him, i.e. Quintus (original or costumed version) and Kunchen, or other average purple heroes if your Grimble is supported by a level 23 mana troop, so that when he fills his mana first, firing his skills against enemies with minions in them may result to his allies fill their mana during the same turn? Is that how it works?

Or are you saying he is best in a 4-1 or 3-2 setup because if it is so, I can still think of several cons.

Sitting on 19 tabards, I have a 3/70 Grimble and a maxed Captain of Diamonds and is currently maxing Gobbler. Please help me understand how he is efficiently and effectively utilized. TYVM!!

I pretty much only use Grimble in wars. The way I use Grimble is, I search for teams that summon the most minions. I love finding teams with Telly/Freya. Maybe a Vela for the druid thorn minions. The occasional Noor. My mono purple team is: Grimble, Kunchen, Alfrike, Sartana, Rigard-C.

With mana troops on Rigard, Rigard will fire before Grimble. My usual plan is, I activate Rigard, then fire Sartana at Telly, because Telly’s passive skill prevents Grimble from eating her minions. At that point, I will fire Grimble who, depending on how many minions are out there, will charge Kunchen/Alfrike. If Freya has already gone off, that will usually charge Rigard/Sartana again. At that point, once everyone has fired, and Rigard/Sartana are charged again, it’s pretty much game over.

I use Grimble to charge heroes slower than him. My purple mana troop is not to 23 yet (22!).

Edit - Here is a link to a video of my purple team. (Re-watching that, I see there are a few questionable moves on my part, please ignore that!)


I’ve wondered the same thing as my current purple mono war team is cTibs, cRigard, Clarissa, Sartanna & cSartanna. Grimble seems to be counter productive on such a team as Peter Kriss Tibs does pretty much the same thing. My intentions then are to use him on a 4-1 team with him being the one when such a team is called for. Mono in wars has been biting me in the hind quarters recently so 4-1 is more appealing anyway.

I use grimble with purple snipers like Seshat, Kage, etc. He doesn’t remove Tellurians minion, so fire the snipers at her, Grimble then removes everyone else’s minions while charging up the already fired snipers. He can also work with slower hero’s like Alfrike.


All my maxed 5 purple legendaries are either at fast or very fast mana, save Domitia who enjoys the maxed costume bonus so I only need a level 5 mana troop and she’ll fire in 9 tiles. While I have dupe copies of my fast and very fast heroes, I left some of them at 3/70. Only my 3/70 Grimble is at average mana while my 3/70 Kunchen and unleveled Quintus, single copy each, are the slow ones. Maybe I’ll try on your theory and experience. I am sitting on 20 tabards as I hesitate investing them on 2nd Domitia with MCB, 2nd Clarissa at 3/70, 2nd Sartana, or 3/70 Kunchen while hoping to to get Jabbawock, Alfrike and Onyx.

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This 2020, SG invested heavily on minions, providing use for Grimble.

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When he was firstly introduced in to the game I thought he is just decent. But over time more and more new heroes are shown with minions ability, so he become more important. Still I think he is just situational, meta hasnt quite changed towards minion heroes ( but it goes in that direction ). Overal he has bright future in front of him.

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Holy crap he actually gets the mana boost too after firing, he’s so much better and way OP than I first thought against minion teams

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Yep, absolutely. Particularly effective against a summoner like Freya who you can dump into for a long time before her minions end up punishing you. Tel is good too, but that mana slow does make it harder to get the tiles you need.

Once I get him to 9 tiles he will be even better…

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