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Hello Empires and Puzzles forum,

As my last post expired I decided to open up a new recruit topic for the guild.

We are looking for 4 members now, so we can push back to 12* titans again. Currently we are at 10-11* ones. Guild is very friendly, older people in it and close to 1000 days old (most of us are day 1 here)

Mandalorian squad is looking for some strong players for S2!!! Join us :slight_smile:

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I have 2197 cups. Team power is 4319. I use all flags. Level 53. Name: Ace. Please let me know if I can get in.

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My brother wants to join too. His cups are 2155. His name is randomcrap102. I am age 49 and he is 35. His team power is 4036. He will soon have four 5 stars on his team.

Is the clan name: This is the Way ?

I made a post via lineapp.

Joining a clan is the header
Reddit user name: Ace 769

How can I post in line app? I made a post there. Awaiting a reply. Do I need a certain header or post in a specific place?

Thanks for contacting me via LINE app! Glad you joined with your brother! Sorry I didn’t see messages on forum earlier. :confused:

Btw, we have 2 more places left so if anyone wish to join us, feel free!

Refreshing topic!

Still looking for 2 more members!

Currently on 25/30!

Lot of old members decided to quit game because of boards / pulls, so we need some help aboard our spaceship!

We are waiting for you! :slight_smile:

Another bump!

Looking for some new members to fill our positions in the spaceship!

This is the way!

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