This is the revenge of the game's creators

I don’t know how I can explain that I can’t do big dmg points on titans, no opposite colour. Few days ago I done about 20k medium, at now 5k. It is very strange. I think that this is the revenge of the game’s creators for my topic “end gamę”. I don’t have to play in this gamę. It is simply delete game and install another.

Do you really, honestly think that out of over 1 million players, the devs are going to a) even notice your thread, or b) waste the time and effort to code in a nerf especially for you?
That is either an incredibly paranoid, incredibly arrogant, or incredibly naive thought. I’m not sure which.


It is my opinion. When I take 3 green heros no green puzzles, I take 3 reds no reds puzzles. It very strange. When I attack titan now is about 4-6k dmg (with artefacts) few dsys ago was 15-45k dmg points. Isn’t strange?

Yeah it’s maybe strange… but surely you’re being a bit silly here, no? :slight_smile:

How about ya play it out for a few titans, make sure it wasn’t just a poor matchup, or a fluke, then come back if it’s still happening later? That seems… more reasonable?

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That remember me something…
You make me laugh

(Stop my off topic now!)

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About this flag:

I posted this meme to resume the mentality of “the game is against me” mentality.
If a thing is designed this way, as the (pseudo)randomnes of tiles, obviously there will be highs, averages and lows. If everyone were to open a topic for every presumed cause of their poor board and derived performance the forum will be filled of said topics, like x10 of the fabian ones.

The games is as it is and its the same for everyone, I’m sorry if I’ve hurted someone posting the meme but thinking that the game (or the game’s creator) is against someone in particular…

That’s some great :ox::poop:


It is not just you. Everyone’s damage is less than it was a while ago. Even using items. Even using Wu Kong. I’m not getting anywhere near the average hits I was even 2 months ago. Something has changed in the game and it has affected the damage against titans. Most likely it was an increase to the Titan’s defense.

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Was there an increase in a Titan level over time? I mean that you’d fight against 7* titans and then progressed to 8* or 9*?

I’ve been fighting 10* titans for a while now. Probably 5 months maybe longer

I think you subconsciously feel bad for posting that topic so now you can’t concentrate enough to kill the titan.

Conspiracy theories.

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Well, then my assumption was wrong. Never mind. :slight_smile:
But personally I didn’t notice any weakening of heroes recently. May be high ranked Titans became stronger. I’m far from them, thus I can’t check.

I don’t think it was about hurting anyone’s feelings. I think a lot of us think it’s hilarious and understood your message. I believe it was only flagged because of the curse word, to try to keep the forum kid friendly.



I don’t believe they allow cursing here. that’s most likely what it was.

as for the OP, make sure you aren’t bringing a level 1 duplicate of a leveled hero. I spent a whole titan wondering why my damage sucked, when I’d brought a level 1 Kiril and Joon instead of the 70s version.

EDIT - but like poker boards run bad for extended periods (and I probably played 20,000 hours of poker), it’s not uncommon to get a streak of bad boards. I had a week long stretch of the same on titans awhile back…


Profanity is not permitted. Carry on. :wink:


I fight against 10* titans from few weeks

Two funny things there - paranoia and someone think that 1 million play that game.
P/s 3 funny things “devs notice thread”…:slight_smile:

10 million downloads, and that’s just on Google Play. Probably about the same for iPhone.

Number of downloads doesn’t include number of uninstalled instances. So it is not equal to a number of players.
On the other hand, when you participate in a Challenge Event you start at 800 000 something position, which means that number of event participants is close to a million.

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No, but it is reasonable to assume that at least 5% of the people who downloaded the game kept it and play. This theory is borne out by the number of players in challenge events.