This is one of the worst Events y'all have ever done


As I read the post I am seeing I am not the only one having problems my team is over 3200 and I can not even get past the first level in advanced I am using Joon,Athena,Colen,Caliden,Rigard and they are close to maxed but I am dead before the second round is over and I do t understand this can you explain it thanks…


I only beat that level before stopping for the evening, but I suggest a different team combo if you have them. I beat that level with maxed Wu Kong, Caedmon, Boldtusk, Tiburtus, and 3/70 Alberich without any problems. I took the time to heal up and charge my specials before killing the last enemy in each round, then used arrows and bombs to keep the boss off his game in the last round.
I’ve got no idea how far I’ll get through the rest of the levels though. I only just scraped through the end of Teltoc and this event is apparently harder.


Dude, using Athena is a suicide.


I gave up with this event. I tried and now after couple of unsuccessful attempt I realized this event is not worth spending my world energy at. Farming - the best investment of my flags.


I agree. Some of the enemy heroes are ridiculous inthe way of abilities and stats.

Lancelot, Guinevere and Merlin are quite alright. All of their specials are either counterable or manageable.
King One-hit KO (a.k.a. Arthur) is where things gets annoying. Never liked heroes that can one-bang my heroes or close to. As long as my heroes’ health is topped up, this is manageable but kinda annoying.
Morgan…thats where my blood starts to boil. Easily the one broken NPC hero in this event. With her ridiculous high defense and fast mana regen, it’s almost impossible to outdamage her insane healing abilities. And the worst part is that you cannot dispel the ■■■■ broken spell either - meaning the only way to win is to outdamage her healing.
And Small Giant… you actually had to stick her in there not once but a whole three times on Advanced? Please nerf her…


Can’t be close to maxed. My 4* team has higher team power. I finished 5 stages so far without problem, but the toughest stages are still ahead (I have 50 time stops ready).


I figured out Morgan. You have to leave her to last and then not target her. You can’t have her cast her spell on more than 1 of your crew, or she heals faster than you damage. You need heroes who can hit big with spells as well, and you damage her with those instead of tiles, and keep aiming to miss her with the tiles to charge the heroes.

Basically have to be patient. I don’t mind Morgan. It’s Guinivere I dislike… because it pretty much requires your use of battle items to take her down (or a very lucky board). The combination of heal and mana reduction (which cripples your chance to dispel her heal) is a horribly frustrating combo.

Author (on intermediate) isn’t a problem with a reflector (Boril, etc). The reflector does more damage to Author than any of your heroes would… as long as you have the healing power (or potions) to recover again.

Imagine my pleasant thoughts when I saw Guinevere WITH Morgan. I just revelled in how much fun I was having right then. Like that time I stubbed my toe… man, the happy memories.


Ur gonna waste 50 time stops on a shield?

All the problems with the Challenge Events

I didn’t use any time stops. Just 4 Dragon Attacks, 5 axes, 5 bombs.


I would also trade those 14 reasonably easily replaceable farmables for a shield anyday.



20 characters


Dieses Event ist nur für die Top 100 geschaffen worden. Alle anderen sollen bezahlen. Ich hab es aufgegeben, ist ungerecht im Event zu spielen.

Translation: This event has only been created for the top 100. All others should pay. I gave it up, is unfair in the event to play.


I agree this event was harder but not impossible I’m not a top player and I spend very little in the game but managed to beat all three stages beginner intermediate and advanced. The key is having good boards which are out of your control and not targeting Morgan. Patience is key and make sure you enter the bosses with all your heroes specials up. It took me ten minutes or more on some levels but got it done.


I got it done in intermediate, but found it frustrating (unlike other events, which I found more stimulating).
As a result of the frustration, I won’t try Advanced… certainly not for the reward it offers.

I found the crop of enemy heroes this time did lead to this frustration when presented in combination (especially the final Arthur/Morgan/Gwin combo).

I’m inclined to then spam battle items to relieve the frustration… anyone can do that… and I feel indicates a failure in event design (as far as I’m concerned). I’m sure others who don’t feel the frustration part and are more drawn to the challenge part would disagree, but then again I know I’m not alone. Different strokes, etc.


I actually liked that it could be won by battle items…so that players who didn’t have an all-star team could still compete and win.

I’m curious what the player base expects. On the one hand I read that the event is too difficult and impossible to beat, on the other hand that it is too easy and not designed well enough. Which is it?

(For me, I usually play Beginner on ALL the events, so I might fall into the “it’s too hard” Camp. :grin:)


I think it should be like:

  • Beginner - banal to complete (both hero-wise and skill-wise), difficulty only in reward tiers
  • Intermediate - easy to complete with 70 lvl heroes, moderately challenging to complete with 60 lvl heroes
  • Advanced - moderately challenging to complete with 4* heroes, easy to complete with 5* heroes

Difficulty and challenge should appear mostly when one tries to climb higher. Which the point-reward thresholds would make really easy to achieve.

  • Don’t have good team/out of items/not a skilled player/hate timed play/got little time available etc? -> complete the tiers for fun and completion rewards without rush and frustration


  • Moderately prepared and skilled? -> get X amount of points for ‘bronze’ reward tier
  • Solid team, fine items, but not tryhard? -> get Y amount of points for ‘silver’ reward tier
  • Great team, great items, solid skill? -> get Z amount of points for ‘gold’ reward tier


  • Competitive as heck, want to be the very best and have something to prove it? -> be the top1/top3 of the leader boards and receive an additional cosmetic reward (rare portrait-s)


What is your rationale for these changes?

This isn’t a criticism of you or your idea individually Elilea, but it appears people want to turn this more into Angry Birds match or Bejeweled or similar titles, which have a vastly larger fan base and marketing budget too. How does this game fare against those if they pick a similar model?

I think the developers know exactly where they are at in the market, and it was stated before the very first event that this would be the most difficult content in game.

This may be a mischaracterization but the issues on the forum can be summed up as:

  1. Not enough leveled heroes of varied types
  2. Poor team design
  3. Play choices, aka randomly matching 3
  4. A few idiosyncrasies which are likely valid

Speaking of #4 as an example, comparatively new players who wind up with a mish mash of 4’s and 5’s are going to have a really awkward time with Intermediate. That’s a fair criticism, when we started these events 5ish months ago I had that exact problem… and over the next month I built out some additional useful 4* heroes and have completed whatever levels I wanted to do since then. Also I tell anyone who will listen now to build a 4* team to completion first before starting on 5’s unless the 5 is fantastic and the individual 4* isn’t that great.

There are perhaps a few others but see reference point: this is supposed to be harder than rare quests, by a non-trivial amount given where they rank in the content, and yet nobody complains about those being too hard when it’s really hard to complete those with 3*'s, so why the complaints here?


I spent 9 total, 4 on stage 9 and 5 on stage 10. The last stage took 30 minutes, but I finished all advanced stages on first try with BT, Gormek, Caedmon, Sabina, Wu - without single 5*. Yes, the shield was worth it for me. Do I think I deserved reward similar to previous events for the effort? Absolutely!


I like your comments but wish the events had a (power level) difficulty listing*, just like the Rare Quests.

Then I wouldn’t frustrate myself scrambling for something that I know is out of reach. :wink:

  • not my idea


That probably goes under the category of fair criticism though I think events in particular don’t translate well there: my team power was around 3500 on the alt (same team both Intermediate and Advanced, just Advanced needed a couple of items on FL9/10, no timestops though I think I did use 2xtornado and some mana pots on 10 specifically).

I could’ve put together a team on the main with around 4000 team power which would’ve been a horror show in terms of completion.

The rare quests which do have corresponding power levels are a lot more forgiving in terms of team building (no reflect being the obvious one)… so I’m not certain it’s as straight forward for events.