This is not me

I started W3K by taking a brief look at the various opposing teams, and to my shocked surprise, one of the teams was named GeeWally! (Note red color for opposite team)


My in-game name is a little nerdy, so I picked a forum name that is the signature tagline to an old 1950’s TV show and High School Trivia Bowl team.

Has something like this happened to you in E&P?

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Hopefully Ward wasn’t a little too hard on the Beaver last night.

Are there any other duplicate names between kingdoms?

To wu warbands wearing the same name

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I’m not sure if you remember Pavel (Maria Daniela) from global and Invatam. While in Legion, Wolf and I started calling each other Pavel. Most ignored us but Ragna liderul didn’t find it that funny. So we both changed our game names to Pavel [BRO]. Cidi knew who was who but nobody else. :joy:
It was funnier because he didn’t have 500 gems and had to wait a few weeks to change back.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: a lot of time I thought your real name was Pavel after that

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BeSt of RoMania players used to say “bro” a lot and had [RO] after their name. So that is how [BRO] happened. They were not happy with us after the name change. :smiling_imp:

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Sound like some crybabies :rofl:

How many flags will your Wo3K kingdom use?

I really can’t say, last time we had over 180 left

Only 180? :joy: Maybe the same person that approved Kalo came up with Wo3K.

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555 flags and 10 more hours

12 flags are insane :flushed: i really thought they’ll go back on that

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They should make it 8 but allow the whales to spend 1000 gems to get 4 more flags.

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War of 3K flags unused.