This is normal? is the number of foxes?

this is normal?
is the number of foxes? it’s just impossible to get through. look at the timer.
this is mistake? Or so it should be?


Red Hood is supposed to be capped at 3 foxes. . .

@Petri @Sara You should take a look at this. If this bug is widespread it could be game-breaking for many players trying to complete the event.


Please submit a ticket using the in-game support button.

Okay, I’ll pass it on to anyone who has encountered this problem, what would they write to tech support

lolwow nice bug…

LOL. That’s pretty outrageous that Red managed to stack that many

It seems like there’s always a problem with minions.

We can but hope that on one of these bugs they backfire and manage to kill their boss while shouting “Panana!”

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