This is....madness

They already did … Puzzle Combat. It has 10% of the downloads of E&P on Google Play.

Personally, I have not improved or changed my defense in well over a year now. I am working on strengthening my attack, and I am slooooooooooowly able to consistently beat better teams (RNGesus willing). It’s a marathon with no end. Eventually we will all drop from exhaustion or heat stroke.


Pity counters weren’t mentioned by @Ian487, the points he were making were the followings:

  • Newer heroes are too strong and does too many things passively
  • Defenses featuring newer heroes does too well regardless of synergies due to the previous point
  • Slower mana isn’t an issue anymore, courtesy of Xnonphod (syndrome of Khufu)

And being F2P doesn’t make developers ignore their advices, otherwise many peoples wouldn’t have a BETA access.


Yes, I know this. But a pity counter would aid in gathering more and possibly better heroes, being able to create better attack teams, thus having less issues against better defenses potentially hence the question.

This isn’t new. S1 < S2 < S3 <S4 <S5 and same with the events and the heroes featured in those events. F2Ps will always suffer more due to the sheer number of pulls they’re afforded through what’s available to them in the game. The proposal of adding a 20% handicap because F2P can’t keep up isn’t a solution. One way or the other, one group is getting the short end of the stick. The OP has Xnol, the bane of all. They should be able to form a team around him that will win. I’d really like to hear a proposal that doesn’t involve gimping one group or the other and 20% handicap to an AI driven defense isn’t that.

While I’d like to believe this, that’s not the sentiment around the forums. Plenty of players around the forums, including F2P, who’ve claimed they’ve been ignored quite a bit. I can’t confirm that as true/false as I’m not part of it, but there are many instances where what’s come out has been very questionable.

Passives of this kind are new though. Like, did other heroes had the chance to remove dodge buffs while bypassing them? S5 moon family can:

Not a special = no dodge chance. Passives does many other things like, providing status effects even with Malosi’s status block. Not a special skill = no status effect prevention.

While this isn’t anything unexpected is pretty much a bad design end a disgusting way to sell new heroes.


As much as I apreciate your friendly advice, there’s nothing even remotely new or helpful for me in it. I’ve been doing this for 4 years, I won 19k raids, I’ve succesfully raided all top defenses, as they raised and falled, and I’ve extensively used any raid attack formation, from rainbow to mono. This doesn’t change the fact that there never throughout E&P there was no defense line able to butcher an fully mature attack team before any ot them charged. Defense speed has hit insane levels. I’ve had my entire team wiped out within 6 - 8 turns, multiple times, with none of my heroes getting charged. This is the madness I’m talking about. Such things shouldn’t happen. GTV took their time to kill you, by mana denial. Christmas heroes were imortals, all fueling Pengi’s strike, but you had lots of time to deal with them. One duo came close to today’s meta, Frigodin, but they were heavily dependent on the amount of yellow/greeen tiles available. And they got nerfed. But today’s defense sumarizes to way too fast AoE insane damage mixed with crippling secondary components. It’s unhealthy. No wonder the game is free falling…


What blasphemous terrible world do you live in my brother?!

This hit close to home. Most of my war attack preparation is reading all of the different things all these heroes I don’t recognize do. That way I don’t waste time during my actual war flag trying to figure out what Monster hunter passives trigger s5 passives which overwrite s2 costume 5 passive.


Point taken. I long now gave up trying to learn new heroes specials, family or passives. Just too many. Far too many. This was suposed to be a game, not a PHD… damn… I don’t even know the names of half the new wave heroes. Not even the legendary ones, 3 and 4* are excluded by default…


New season = new abilities/passives. Is it overboard? Perhaps. But I think that mostly depends on who’s asking. Those who spend may not agree and like it as it is. Those who are F2P are not happy with it, as expected. But you’re still not providing a solution that’ll satisfy both ends of the spectrum of the player base.

Maybe you’re right. Do you have a solution to bridge the gap and would keep everyone happy?

Yes, I suggested this in BETA too:

Remove the passives and if needed take the removed passives effects and put them into the special skill’s box.

Whaaaaaat? Nah…

New heroes with 4 passives
Ain’t on the menu yet?

Removing them only hurts those that have the hero cards and benefits those that don’t. Adding them as part of the special skill doesn’t alleviate the problem since it still goes off. I don’t see a solution in this.

This topic is now 9 hours old. By the time we started this, the devs roughly made another 2 million dollars, more probably. Trust me when I tell you they have no intention of ever fixing things. And even if they did, there’s no way to fix it now. It’s too far gone, passed the point of no return. Game’s taking a nosedive, faster and faster with every new release. Only thing that keeps it floating is the height it’s falling from. But don’t forget, the owerwhelming majority of players are either f2p or c2p, Whales are few, next to them. And if f2p and c2p become more and more unhappy with the game, by every new overpowered paywalled hero, whales will soon have all the playground for themselves. But that will also colapse the game’s earnings, leading to a slow but sure server shutdown somewhere down the line. I think it would be in all our interests, as dedicated players, if the game kept running for as long as possible.


This helps due to increasing the ways to counter them, a very easy example could be seen here:

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Isn’t this part of what’s creating the frustration for you? I mean, first thing to assembling an attack team with synergy against a team you’re fighting is knowing what the teams you’re going against can/cannot do. Sure, not getting tiles you need will always charge up the defense first which will result in an undesirable outcome (we all have those matches), but not knowing what’ you’re fighting and then getting frustrated is definitely not a way to do it, IMO.

Reading/understanding how things work is required even in games. You don’t watch a movie to just look at what’s on the screen. I assume you listen/read closed captions so you can follow the story line and know what’s going on, right?


Yea, people keep saying that every month but somehow I’m not entirely convinced. In 2021 E&P made over $285 million. First quarter of 2022, according to the SEC report on their earnings, Zynga made $519.8 as of March 31st this year form mobile games. 20% of that was from E&P. That’s just shy of $104 million. It’s 1% lower first quarter of this year compared to 2021. Nosedive indicates a huge/drastic decline, which is absolutely not what’s happening here and you can verify that by looking up their quarterly financial reports.

As it happens with nearly every game out there. Everything comes to an end eventually, but as it stands right now, E&P is still making crazy amounts of money. This has been a point used and abused by many since GTV days yet E&P still has a large participation and revenue is still pouring in. Financial reports, unless they’re lying, speak for themselves.


Again, removing it helps only those who don’t have those cards. So this part of your proposed solution only helps one group of players and most of those who don’t have this card. Definitely hurts those who’ve spent a lot to chase that hero as well as it hurts the devs’ bottom line.

Adding it to the special ability changes absolutely nothing as the passive you noted above only has a chance to happen when the hero card in question uses its special. So whether it happens as a passive on SS use or as part of the SS is literally the same thing. So, not a solution either.

To reiterate: A solution within the game itself that would alleviate power creep for F2P/small spenders while also not alienating top spenders because as a business, E&P does rely on the top spenders.

I’ve seen this before, by other players.

Share this report please.

Because I don’t see where titles are separated by either take-two or zynga. And you view the E&P report only. There is no such thing

Here’s Q4:

No titles are separated.
You can tune-in on the 16th and see if they talk about it, however… that would be called a presentation designed for investors where reading between the lines is akin to looking both ways before crossing the street…

This game is not now, nor has it ever been a solitary revenue stream for any proprietor.

Removing passives helps everyone facing the heroes wich would have their passives removed, not just the ones who doesn’t have the card.

Heroes designed to perform a job would still be as relevant as older times and making them more appealing when the next portal would come up would increase pulls for them.

Adding it to the special would remove the “my card is more important than balance” from “those who’ve spent a lot to chase that hero”, make cards less subject to power’s misjudgement and so less likely to need adjustements.

Example: It were all good and well for Developers when Khufu were dealing 350%+[Passive]70%+DoT damage (Milena level) conditionally and ignered the feedback but then they noticed that he weren’t that powerful indeed, so they buffed him to deal 450%+[Passive]70%+DoT wich is a problem when it comes to balance as the damage is too high.

A passiveless Khufu could have been, for example, released like this without issues:
399% damage + 164 Sand damage over 3 turns (350% damage plus the average damage added).

While “whether it happens as a passive on SS use or as part of the SS is literally the same thing”… no. As there are heroes whose special skill act on other’s special skills, like already said about Malosi, Dodge mechanic and many more.

Take Two didn’t acquire Zynga until May 2022, therefore it wouldn’t be in their Q4 or first quarters of 2022. However, E&P is still under Zynga, and will still show under

Of course it’s not. They give you the numbers and explain below the numbers the amounts that are associated with what.

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Look, I’ve been doing this for 5 years now and while they are taking a super round-about way of saying it, the essence of the OP point is correct. When this game started, fast specials were either high -damage snipers or low damage AoE with a secondary effect. Now, I’ve had a 5000 TP team completely destroyed by 3 fast specials. That’s it . 1-2-3 dead. That’s just not fun and there is absolutely zero skill in it. “Go mono and pray for tiles” is an insipid waste of time and is lazy from a strategic point of view. The game did not used to be like that. Yes, there have always been bad boards, but it took a while to realize, “wow, this board really sucks!” Now, I can tell if I’m going to get curb-stomped the second it pops up. It has drained a lot of the strategic fun out of the game.