This is....madness

For some of us… there was a time:

Old heroes were updated so as not to frustrate any spender dumping cash into a roster which takes years to develop, even back then!

Variety was sometimes jeopardized, not on a monthly basis however… and the fix was small!

New creeps were considered… "mellow"

In 2020 regular old S1 Joon was counted amongst the top:

Source: Titan Mafia Archives

That is true relevance in the Legendary Camp!
An amazing testimony for a great game!

And then… this:

The pace has been increased dramatically.

Now…? LESS THAN 2 years later…
There are costumes for costumes…
And those are the first 8* in the game, with more to come. For which, future portals will have no choice but to outperform.

Your supply of fresh blood is immediately greeted by the paywall, and the lure of spending so that you can connect-3 tiles is becoming divisive on a personal level, especially during economic strain.

Pulling the brakes off the Creep Train should upset people! Spenders, especially…
I’m a spender, and hate to watch relevance for money spent become further limited when the odds are putrid to begin with… and the development times have increased!!!

There is plenty of concern to be raised.
Plenty of reason for dissatisfaction.

And there is also still…
Some fun left to be had in the game!

Just my opinion, plenty of those too :joy:
But I believe if you want to extend that fun,
Then Balance… should be supported…!

And if you want more dumpster fires…
Then continue supporting imbalance and you shall have it