This is....madness

That’s what the game became. Pure madness. The more tou play, the further behind you fall. The stronger you become, the worst your field performance seems to get. Things fell upsidedown. I used to win on attack and losè on defense. Now I win more cups on defense than I do on attack. But that doesn’t cut it for me, as we never get to play defense. Defense is a sitting duck, except is made of titanium and we’re trying to break it with wooden sticks. Defensive meta teams changed overtime, from immortals to minnions and fiends and to God knows what else, but this instant killing meta we have today is by far the worst that ever was (and hopefully will be) Today’s top defenses boosted by magic troops, pasives, family bonuses, mana boosters, instant mana generators, charge just to fast for any strategy to have a chance to work out. It just doesn’t matter what heroes you bring to the battle, as long as they don’t get a chance to charge. Oh! and there’s no more room for defensive synergy. Any handfull of new age defensive heroes you throw in, they work together ajust like a charm, not because of synergy, but because they all are way too strong, all of them de 100 things every time they cast and 100 other passively and synergy is no longer required between them. Those of you that have spent enough time here, remember how defense team used to have a hidden 20% bonus to all stats. Perhaps it’s time to place a 20% handicap on defense teams stats.


The automatic buffs for defence teams really need to go. SG acts like it’s still 2018.


Why? Because you don’t have top shelf heroes? I get that things have changed (they will year in and year out with any business) and players that don’t spend every month will feel it the most. But why should they make things easier for anyone? They need to re-examine the entire approach to rolling out endless amounts of OP heroes and their abilities, not give a raid defense team a 20% handicap and not have it apply everywhere else.


SG need to sell new stronger heroes than yesterday heroes in order for their business to survive and people keep summoning.

if new heroes aren’t stronger, no one will summon.

in the end this thing will hit the limit wall, the house of cards will collapse, people will leave, and SG will create another brand new game from beginning.

empires and puzzle only counting the days until God like hero will be released that can annihilate everyone once he enters the battlefield.

heroes balancing and maximizing profits can’t really go along together.


This model is dated man. Its just that simple, no garunteed draws ever, no way to win 5 star tokens, no co-op, constant release of broken heroes when beta has been out for years, all of the new things with no raise to the % to get any of it. When was the last time there was an actual discussion about hero synergy? You cant anymore cause heroes are released so fast that most never even get time to see them on the field befoee you hearing about their nerf and with aoe heroes now being fast and very fast speed,strong enough to wipe full teams in two shots,why is their any bonus to defense at all at this point?


I disagree with this fully. Stop making it hard to get heroes and people will be willing to pay for a garuntee.

If heroes were easier to get people would happily buy the packs to get emblems, blades, and necessary items to level their heroes to full potential because they have the actual hero.

My game that i left this garbage for before being coaxed back is entering its third year and since the game started we had pity imers, 240,600,900gem garunteed draws, events that allow you to win actual 5 star draw tickets, limited hero pools so u wont constantly be summoning pulling the same things over and over, and this resukts in everyone play continuously because they know they can actually get said heroes and not just watch other people use them.

Continous everyday income will always trump random summons income in any business. No different than a resteraunt only having business during happy hour yet cant get anyone to come when there are no drink specials.


Not sure a stat bonus/nerf will fix this.

I see expanding niches, with limited counters.
And some of those counters are over-the-top when suppressing a niche…

So while a niche defense may appear to improve on the surface. The fewer losses are likely players that obliterated the defense with their "red button" counters, while the expanding wins are larger chunks of population missing out on the $tragedy.


Reality check. Got some newsflash for you. About 3% of the player base have “top heroes”. They are clustered above 2700 cups, so it’s preety easy to figure that out. These days 2700 cups grants you a place inside top 30k players, about top 3% out of a suposed million (probably less). You don’t usually meet top tier defenses under 2700, unless by accident. The rest, 97% of us are struggling agaist a brick wall. This game was a success in it’s early days, atracting millions of players especially because everyone was able to get their 5 minutes of glory, sit at the rich people’s table, for a brief time, before being swept away back in the crowd. I have a very solid roster for a f2p, including heroes like Xnolphod, Quintin, c.G.Kong, c.Alberich, c.Poseidon, with 40+ maxed 5*, but I don’t even dare think about going back to global #1, a place I’m no stranger to, even if I had a much lesser roster back then… today it’s just out of reach. I tell you, the insane defense supremacy meta sweapt all the fun out of the game for me. Having a rainbow team of LB + 20 fast mana heroes not charging any specials before being obliterated by defense is far from my idea of fun.


Color stacking is your friend. I generally wake up with 2700 trophies without a meta defense. It is exceedingly rare that any losses are to rainbow teams. It’s almost always 3-2 or mono teams I’m losing to.


Newsflash yourself. I don’t have those top shelf heroes yet somehow my defense holds me above 2700 cups literally every single day and when I raid I get up to 3k+ with ease. So your assumptions that defenses need a handicap is exaggerated.

Gross exaggeration by any stretch of the imagination. There is literally handful of people in my alliance alone that hover 2400-2500 cups daily and don’t care about what they have on defense so long as they’re in the Diamond bracket for the chests yet they have top shelf heroes you wouldn’t see if you were to inspect their defense. But on surface they appear to be outside of that 3%. These players are all over the place. Cup dropping is still a widely utilized thing.

With heroes like this, if you have trouble hitting global 1 with a couple of flasks (as most of those who attempt to hit global 1 do) then you may be doing something wrong. 2 years ago, as a F2P, you still had the same problem against top shelf defenses and the hidden 20% boost those defenses would benefit from.

Well, if you’re just stringing 5 fast heroes in a rainbow team and think it should work because they’re fast, then I’d say your approach is flawed. Just as much as flawed as your expectation to keep up with the Joneses as an F2P player…hence your call to handicap defenses. It’s your choice to be F2P just like it’s next person’s choice to spend.

@Homaclese has put up countless of videos of what can be done with assembling a team of non-top shelf heroes and ways to do it. It’s very informative and entertaining with great benefit to players that don’t have rosters stacked with best heroes in the game.


20 characters of sigh😔 and here we go again……….


You win some you lose some
Like everybody else…even the whales lose…they may have the biggest dogs and can win better places in events,tourneys but they lose at some point
Defense or attack its all matter of algorithms and rng
The power creep will never stop to grow until the game’s end
Dont take it too seriously


Bullsith :laughing::laughing::laughing:

We all have defenses, we know how it works… no defense will keep you above 2700 at all times, unless you constantly raid, not even top ones. Of course, the stronger your defense and lower your cups, the less attacks you get, but stil, every day, a few lucky daredevils will mono your defense for 50 cups at a time, the higher the cup count, the more of them.

quote=“Dyna49, post:10, topic:278894”]
stringing 5 fast heroes in a rainbow team and think it should work because they’re fast

That’s not the point. You missed it. It was about defense charging and obliterating a team, before any fast hero could charge. I’'ve had it happen. Top heroes won’t do you much good as long as they don’t charge, won’t them? Any choice of heroes would fail under such circumstances. Defense being able to destroy a team before any hero charges it’s a serious allarm beacon. Only a blind man wouldn’t see that.

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You’re free to believe whatever you choose and continue with your grievances with the direction of the game as a F2P, but I know exactly what I see on my screen every single day. Here are a few screen shots of the last few days after logging on 12+ hours later and before doing any raiding.


Very nice! I could take some similar screen shots from time to time, no big deal. Just helps proving my point. Defense has become overwhelmingly strong for the overwhelming majority of the player base. And you do have a strong defense line, for this to happen, so cut the crap about not having top heroes.

P.S. Do you always take screen shots of this kind of achivements, or was it only during the last few days, as you said, probably knowing we’ll have this argument? And if it’s just bussines as usual for your non top heroes defense, why take pics of it if it ain’t out of the ordinary? Do you take random pics during farming too?


We’ve all had it happen because of the RNG boards, that’s unavoidable. It’s happening now and it’s happened in the past. GTV days were notorious for that and that was 2+ years ago. It’ll just happen more frequently to some due to failing to create a synergy on their attacking team and working the boards in a non-optimal manner. You can’t blame that on the game nor ask for something that would affect any portion of the player base adversely, especially when nothing has changed in the game’s algorithm for a long time as far as raid defenses are concerned.


That was the turning point in the game… that’s when things started going downhill… slow, at first, then faster and faster until it’s almost unplayable now… and things will turn worst, you can bet on it. And we all know why. Because the devs care not about the game, only about revenue. It can all go to hell, as long as it brings them money. Don’t know who’s worst. Them, for ruining the game, or those defending their honor on the forum. At least they gain something out of it…


Then what are you complaining about? If it happens to you then you surely must have heroes to hit 3k+ cups easily.

It doesn’t. This happened back in the GTV days as well years ago. There will always be a gap between player bases depending on how much they spend. It’s a linear thing. F2P will usually just be at the end of it because they don’t spend, thus less chance of pulling more/better heroes, thus more noticeable.

I never said I don’t have a strong roster, but it’s definitely not top shelf. I don’t have Xnol, Ludwig, or most top shelf/newer heroes, but I do have strong heroes and it works for me. I also do spend but it never reaches close to even $100/month.

Nah, but when it’s that high I do and laugh about it with alliance mates on discord. That +1 was also a funny one. There was one couple of weeks ago where my defense got me to over 3k cups but got a work call and didn’t get a screen shot of it. Your passive aggressiveness is astounding though. I’m sorry you’re unhappy with your situation as a F2P. I wish the best pulls for you and every other F2P out there.

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There are some nasty new defenses out there.
Most with Xnol- tanks, so I use a yellow mono team against them, overall a winratio of 2/3-3/4. My team needs 9 yellow tiles, get them in most cases.
Here an example:

Against top class defenses try a color stack, 3/2, 4/1 or mono.

Happy gaming


As a business, they should care about revenue as every other business does. Are there things they are doing wrong? Absolutely. Are there things that could be drastically improved? You bet. Should F2P expect to keep up with the top players that spend/accumulate/grow rosters at faster speeds? Debatable.

They’re not doing a superb job, that’s for sure. As for those you claim are “defending their honor” on the forum, I don’t see that very often (but there are a few). People just have different outlooks on this. I mostly see people who are critical of a product they enjoy and that’s a far cry from people “defending their honor”. I see many flaws with the game, but if I still find it entertaining, what does my spending on something I find entertaining have to do with “defending their honor”? Should everyone just raise their hands, lock down their wallets, and stand in protest because others find the direction of the devs egregious? If you’ve been a F2P since you’ve started, do you expect the devs to treat you the same as they do top spenders? Do you think a pity counter would solve your issues? At the rate top spenders pull, they’ll hit that counter 100 times by the time you hit it once which will solve absolutely nothing from your post above. I guess I’m having a hard time understanding what you’d like to see done that wouldn’t aggrieve the F2P nor any other labeled base of players in the game.