This is getting Silly now

So it appears to me that a significant proportion of the player base seem to have utter contempt for people like me. This is expressed often in some of the YouTubers and all over the forums.

I often hear and read people feeling entitled because they have spent several thousand dollars on this game. Then people who are cheap to play or free to play seem to receive complete disrespect.

I saw someone make a comment that they should nerf Finley sarcastically because he is powerful but then go on to point out that people spent loads on pulling for Finley yet anyone who spends $10 can get the HOTM, just with contempt as if cheap to play players are somehow worse people.

I then read multiple posts of people who openly admit they spend/spent over $4000 a month/per month.

I don’t understand where these people seem to get all this money, I mean I just flat out do not make $4000 a month. I mean maybe if I pawned most of possessions and built up large credit card debt I might be able to do that the odd month.

I don’t begrudge people spending such money on this game if that is really what they want to do with their money. I do wonder though how many can actually afford it. I read one post where a guy actually seemed to imply that he had spent his food and rent money on the game to get a specific hero.

It’s just what I resent is this sheer contempt towards people who either can’t or won’t. I spend money on this game and I freely admit that but I spend what I can afford, and I just cannot afford to drop several hundred/several thousand each month.

Also I like to feel a sense of accomplishment playing a game, like I achieved something or earned it. I don’t claim to be the best player at this game, But I have overtaken lots of people who have spent a lot more on the game then me and also who have been playing it a lot longer then me. I feel a sense of achievement in that.

Hypothetically, say I suddenly came into a lot of money, new business idea that worked, massive poker win e.g. win world series, lottery win (not likely as I don’t buy tickets) etc and this makes me a millionaire, then I still could not spend thousands on the game each month purely because I would feel no sense of achievement I would not feel I had accomplished anything just that I had bought it. That’s just me though.

One alliance actually booted me a while back simply because I dared to say well I can’t afford to spend money like you.

Look each to their own I won’t tell you guys how to spend your money so please don’t tell me how to spend mine. Just please stop with the feeling of entitlement like you expect to just be able to buy being the best rather then outplay people with good strategy and plans.

Please also stop with the shear contempt of people who don’t spend large sums on the game.


I think you have that backwards. A significant portion of the player base (the vast majority in fact) ARE players like you. I also get the feeling here that the entitled are not the ones who spend large amounts monthly but the ones who spend large amounts every once in a while and think that puts them on par with the ones who spend large amounts monthly.

There are really two games within this game and you need to decide which game you are playing. Are you playing to be at the top and compete against the best? Then be prepared to make the financial sacrifice to do so. Are you playing to enjoy yourself and be entertained without having to “be the best there is”? Then who cares what anyone else thinks? Enjoy the game and have fun.


A) Everyone is full of it when it comes to what they spend on the game.

B) Any nerf on Finley is a nerf on Cyprian, Boril, and Mitsuko, and will be met with vitriolic outrage.

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I would say this goes both ways. People shouldn’t have an issue with you because you don’t spend money and you shouldn’t have an issue with people that do.
The label of entitlement for one group could turn into complaints of unfairness from the other group.
Those that spend money on the game can’t complain when the roll of the dice doesn’t go their way. They know what they signed up for.
Those that don’t spend money shouldn’t have contempt for the rosters that those who do spend money have. You also knew what you signed up for.
The destain comes from both sides unfortunately. I’ve had people ask me on other social sites how much I spend. Frankly it’s none of their business. Just like it’s none of my business why someone is F2P.


From all that I’ve read over the past 12 months or so, it always seems like the vocal minority/majority are the people who are NOT in this category.

Those of us who are in this category, we have to deal with the competitive types, because they’re always making the game get buffed/nerfed/etc., when all we want is to not worry about all that and just go about doing the stuff that we like to do.


If you hear these types of comments on the forum please tag me, I’d love to respond in unity with you.

I like it when people display their foolishness because it provides a brilliant opportunity to tell them face on

The ones that are harder to deal with, in my experience, are the quieter scheming types.

Loud mouths who talk nonsense are easy to deal with


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