This is dumb

I do not like the new way of farming its dumb you have to send troops out first to kill the monster then you have to wait until your troops return to be able to send out your gather wagons you use up double of your energy to farm know and you take the chance that someone else will grab that rss that you just killed the monster because you hsve to wait for your troops to return so you csn send your gather to collect this is dumb as will you can no longer go for rss that at like 20 min from you because it will take you like 20 to get troops to that rss then another 20 min to return then another 20 for your wagons to get back and farm there if you are lucky and no o e ekse had decided to take that rss especially if its a rare level 6 so in total it will take you a total of 60 min to just start farming in my opion this type of farming is just dumb.

Are we playing the same game?


Umm…are we playing the same game? :thinking:


I feel like this thread title is superbly apt


I’ll give you two rock for one wheat and promise not to put the Robber on you for 3 turns.


LOL what? Wagons and other players stealing your loot? Methinks you took a wrong turn on Google.

EDIT: sorry @Gruntface didn’t mean to reply to you, meant to reply to OP

WTH are you talking about??

That’s a deal. At least I could understand exactly what game that’s referring to.

Hey @Starhunter67 come check out E&P, I think you’ll enjoy it!


Sorry everyone wrong form i was meant to put this in brutal age game chat not empire and puzzels sorry



Thanks for clarifying. Now I know what game not to download.


That is funny :grin:

Glad you clarified.

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As many complaints as I might have about E&P, at least I don’t have to wait for wagons and worry about other players stealing my ham (aside from the ham in my watchtower, at least, though I mostly consider that to be “community ham” anyway) :smile:


On that basis, since it’s not E&P related, I’m closing the thread. Good luck getting your issues with the other game addressed :slight_smile:


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