This is dropping cups, right?

So, I’m raiding … and my opponent’s defence features a 3/70 Thorne as the tank. With 4/80 King Arthur and 4/80 Delilah on the wings. Even the 4/80 Khagan on his flank would be a better tank than a fully levelled Thorne …

Is this cluelessness or subtly dropping cups?

(And in the end, does it even matter? Not as if I could do anything about it either way …)

If he/she wants to drop cups, it would be better to put 1 hero in his deffy line or 3☆ team
I think more that player has no clue.


I belive amrolwan is right in thinking your opponent needs help with his defense team. And, while some players put up def teams that scream take my cups, others are a bit more subtle.


Yeah, I don’t really doubt you two are right.

I’d just prefer to think no one would level/ascend three 4/80 heroes and still not pick up that much of gameplay. Sadly, that’s not the world we live in.

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Maybe he changed his actual defense to do raiding and didn’t change it back before signing off. It happens

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I drop cups like that to control the cutoff. I don’t want out of platinum just lower than 2200 which is where I stay if I leave my normal defense up, sometimes it gets old fighting teams 300 to 500 above you constantly.

It could be just poor eyesight / late night / fat fingers etc. I.e. an honest mistake. The subtle art of dropping cups involves enticing much weaker attackers to hit you and win. Then your revenges become easier.

That line up is maybe 100 TP lower than a full set of 80’s and not significantly weaker by putting the weakest hero as tank. The revenge opportunities are not likely to be that different either.

One hero defences are just cancer.

And all depends on how many cups or what tier drop zone i want to stay.
No need to put a 3* defence if even in platinum i can easily win all my raids.

I usually test different teams and lineup to see what are the average score before choose my defence.
This guy can simply doing the same, or simply missing the point of a tank.

But in the end… who cares?

Cup dropping quite simple. It’s not about strategy. I set a 3100 Team for defense and kick butt in my revenge with my normal 3900 Team.
So cup droppers save food as they not have to reroll to find easy targets in raids and can easily fill raid chest.


I … didn’t consider that possibility. Why didn’t I consider that possibility? Ouch.

Yeah, that’s what I wanted to hear. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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